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March 20, 2024

How to implement automation in admissions to improve the quality of applications?


Admissions automation is a quiet but determined revolution that is redefining how major schools approach application management. From digitalization to communication, each innovation makes life easier for candidates while providing valuable operational efficiency. How do these advances shape the future of higher education admissions processes? Let's take a closer look.

Summary :

  1. Eliminate paper by digitizing candidate data

  2. Integrate personalization into applicant tracking

  3. Facilitate and secure transactions thanks to an online payment system


1- Eliminate paper by digitizing candidate data

Scanning process

By opting for digitalization, higher education establishments are transforming the way they operate. They convert paper documents into digital format, simplifying file management and significantly improving the responsiveness of admissions staff. Digitized documents are easier to share and consult, which promotes better collaboration between the different departments of a school.

Advantages of all digital

Going all-digital makes schools more efficient. Thousands of applications are processed faster and with fewer errors, improving the candidate and staff experience. Secure storage of digital data also makes it easier to comply with privacy standards and protect candidates’ personal information.

The table below illustrates how digitalization is changing every step of records management in a large school.


Before scanning

After scanning


Stacked physical files

Data secured on servers


Manual sorting of documents

Instant keyword search


Copy and physical sending

Instant digital sharing


Risk of loss or damage

Data backup and encryption


Restricted to premises

Possible from anywhere


2- Integrate personalization into application tracking

Tailor-made tracking tools

Using personalized tracking tools allows admissions officers to offer tailored support to applicants. These tools can include automatic notifications for different stages of the application, targeted advice or personalized feedback on submitted documents. This reinforces the feeling of support and attention given to each candidate.

Targeted communication

Using appropriate CRM systems contributes to better communication with candidates. By sending relevant, personalized messages throughout the admissions process, schools can increase their applicants' chances of success. Good communication also keeps applicants engaged and interested in the school.

Let’s take the example of an application tracking tool and its impact on the candidate’s career path:

  1. Notification of receipt of the file

  2. Notice of missing or incomplete files

  3. Stage validation and indications on next steps

  4. Quick answers to candidate questions via the platform


3- Facilitate and secure transactions thanks to an online payment system

Implementation of online payment

Integrating an online payment platform is essential to modernizing the admissions process. This must offer a range of payment methods to meet the needs of all candidates, particularly international ones. By simplifying transactions, the school shows that it values ​​user experience and the protection of financial data.

Benefits for candidates

Candidates benefit from the many advantages associated with the online payment option. In fact, they have the possibility of paying at any time and from anywhere, thus avoiding problems with time zones or access to banks. Paying in their own currency simplifies the process for international applicants and provides financial transparency.

To adopt an online payment system, an admissions manager can consider solutions such as Stripe or PayPal, the credit card, which offer multiple and international payment options, thus providing a seamless experience for applicants while simplifying the management of transactions for schools.

Let's take the example of a table which summarizes the advantages offered by an online payment system to a school and its candidates:

For school

For candidates

Simplified transactions

Payments without time constraints

Easy financial monitoring

Choice of payment currency

In-depth data security

Secure transactions

Modern image of the establishment

Easy access from international

This table helps to understand the benefits of an online payment solution for all stakeholders involved in the admissions process.

This journey through the mechanics of admissions automation showed us how technological innovations simplify and enrich the application process. From data digitization to personalized support, each step is designed to optimize the experience of candidates and managers. The relevance of these tools for admissions managers is undeniable.

To continue our exploration of best practices, I recommend reading the article: “ 4 strategies to optimize the admission process at a major school ”. which describes how top schools can optimize their admissions process, attract the best applicants, and improve their operational efficiency using these strategies .

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