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Manage the statuses of your candidates in a few clicks

  • Rapid monitoring of the progress of files

  • Modification of candidate statuses

  • Personalized space configuration

  • Acceleration of the recruitment process

Status management illustration mockup

Candidate status management allows recruiters to track the progress of each application in a clear and concise manner. This information is essential for making informed decisions and ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Quickly inform your candidates

Status management is a key element of the candidate experience. By communicating regularly with candidates, recruiters can give them visibility into the process and help them feel valued. This transparency contributes to candidate satisfaction and their commitment to the company.

Mockup illustration of modifying a status on a folder

Mockup illustration of modifying a status via the action bar

Boost your recruitment

Status management is an essential tool for effective recruitment management.
By allowing recruiters to monitor the progress of the process, it makes it possible to identify possible delays and take corrective measures.
This helps reduce recruitment time, which is an advantage for companies and candidates. Additionally, status management can help increase candidate conversion rates. Indeed, candidates who are kept informed of the progress of their application are more likely to be satisfied with the process and remain engaged.

Improve your next recruitments

Status management is a valuable source of data for recruiters. By collecting information about different stages of the recruiting process, recruiters can identify potential areas for improvement. For example, recruiters can analyze application processing times, the number of candidates who are called for interviews and the candidate conversion rate. This data can be used to implement more efficient recruitment processes and to improve the chances of finding the best candidates.

Mockup illustration of changing status colors

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