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Centralize your HR procedures

Human resources management is the set of processes that allow a company to attract, train and retain high-performance employees. It includes recruitment, training, compensation and performance management.

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Improve HR efficiency

Centralizing HR procedures makes it possible to streamline processes and reduce costs.

Increase consistency

Centralizing HR processes ensures that processes are applied uniformly throughout the company.

Maximize HR visibility

Centralizing HR procedures allows managers to have better visibility of HR data.

Uses of centralization of HR procedures.

Here are some examples of applications of the centralization of HR procedures for recruitment:

  • Your company career site : Promote your employer brand, the actions you take for the well-being of your employees through a complete site. You want an example, visit our
  • Creating an online application platform : An online application platform allows candidates to submit their applications online, which simplifies the process for them and for recruiters.
  • Use of online tests : Online tests can be used to assess the skills and qualifications of candidates. They can be administered remotely, saving recruiters time and reducing costs.
  • Use of video conferencing : Video conferencing can be used to arrange interviews with candidates who are not located in the same region as the company.

HR portal

The eMundus platform allows organizations to create an online HR portal that brings together all the information that human resources need during your recruitment campaigns.

  • Centralize data

  • Group the applications

  • Make it easier for recruiters

  • Improve the recruiting experience

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Dedicated platforms

The eMundus platform sets up a platform dedicated to your HR teams to facilitate your organization's recruitment process. This platform is there to support you throughout your recruitment campaign.

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