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Export your data with ease

  • Candidates file

  • Set of candidate files for a program

  • File contained in a folder

  • Documents in a file (photos, cover letters, etc.)

Illustration mockup of export management

Extract and save data from your platform
simply and quickly.

Simplified data management

The export functionality of our online platform offers you a simple and effective solution to extract your data in the form of files in ZIP, PDF or XLS (Excel) format. Whether they are reports, spreadsheets or documents compatible with the most common software, you will be able to group and analyze your information with ease, giving you greater flexibility in the use of your data.

Mockup illustration of folder export via the action bar

Illustration mockup of the PDF export mode

Select folders and items to export

Inside each folder, carefully select the specific items you want to export. This can include individual files, entire subfolders, or specific selections within files. Be sure to choose items that are relevant to your export goal and contain the data you need.

Choose the ideal file format for your exports

Whatever format you choose, our online platform allows you to easily select the folders you want to export, then quickly generate the file in the format of your choice.

We've made sure the process is simple, intuitive and hassle-free, allowing you to save time and focus on what matters most.

Mockup illustration of generating a PDF file

Ready to transform your records management and data collection process?

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