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Sharing a common vision

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Our company is founded on strong values ​​that guide our daily actions. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is inseparable from the latter, which are the driving force of our development and our collective success.

Our values ​​at the service of performance


We want to respond effectively to the needs and expectations of our customers, partners and collaborators. Responsiveness implies an ability to make ourselves available, to listen and anticipate requests, but also to be able to adapt quickly to market developments and internal or external changes. Responsiveness is a valuable asset because it allows us to maintain our competitiveness and our capacity for innovation, but also to retain our customers and employees. We are organized in an agile manner and have an efficient communication system, in order to be able to quickly process requests and respond to the needs of our various contacts.


Innovation consists of improving our working methods and our solution, by bringing new ideas, integrating new technologies or new processes to meet the needs of our customers and partners in an ever more efficient way. It takes many forms, ranging from the improvement of existing products or services, to the creation of new products or services, including the implementation of new working or collaboration methods. It is essential to maintain our lead over our competitors and our ability to offer solutions adapted to the expectations of our customers. To be innovative, it is important to encourage creativity and collaboration within our company, and to be open to new sources of inspiration and know-how.

Respect for individuals

Respect for individuals is a fundamental value for our company wishing to base its culture on healthy and lasting relationships. It implies respect for the rights, opinions and differences of each individual, whether they are customers, partners or collaborators. Respect for individuals is reflected in benevolent and fair behavior towards all, and in open and respectful communication. This value is essential to create a pleasant and motivating work environment, and to promote collaboration and creativity within the company.


Perseverance is a key value for our company wishing to achieve its objectives and ambitions. It involves the ability to pursue a project, strategy or objective, despite the difficulties or obstacles that may present themselves. Perseverance requires tenacity, determination and patience, as well as an ability to stay motivated and not give up in the face of challenges. It is essential for us who want to succeed in the long term, based on a clear vision and a solid strategy.

Team spirit

We pool our skills and know-how to achieve our objectives. Team spirit requires trust, solidarity and kindness towards other members of the Tribe, as well as an ability to listen and take into account everyone's ideas and suggestions. It is essential for each of us wishing to succeed in the long term, to help each other, to rely on effective collaboration and good communication within the team.

Our foundations for success

The quality of our products, the satisfaction of our customers, the commitment and involvement of the members of the Tribe and the constant improvement of our working methods determine our foundations for success.



We take personal responsibility for the success of EMUNDUS


We value the spirit of innovation that leads to leadership in our market.


We honor our commitments.


We promote constructive and sincere working relationships.



Develop new commercial offers and grow in new markets.


Aim for international growth in selected markets.


Develop profitability by improving operating margin.


Continuously create value for our customers, partners and users.



Be a recognized player in the world of the Web.


Stand out from other market players.


Offer our customers a flexible solution, adapted to their expectations and their challenges in order to save them precious time in the collection and processing of their “e-files”.