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Additional features

EMUNDUS allows companies to personalize their spaces according to your needs. Discover the additional features offered by our teams.


Build your own FAQ online with our solution.

Online payment

Make your payments directly from your EMUNDUS space.

Delayed video interview

Save time with video interviews.

Eligibility test / MCQ

Test your candidates with online tests and multiple choice questions.

Electronic signature

Sign your documents online at any time.

Tailored workflow

Manage your applications with key steps.

Cascade assessment

Performance evaluation system carried out by your employees.

Mail generation

Create your own mail template.

Authentication system

Maximum security of access to your EMUNDUS space.


Our platform connects with your CRM.

Candidate Referral Module

Track applications simply and efficiently.

Online voting

Save time on your decision-making.
Custom made

Can't find the feature you need? Ask us!

Our team can develop a tailor-made functionality for your business, and give you the best possible experience on our platform.

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Try our solution now

Do you want to know more about our online solution? You can book a demo of the tool at any time.