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Evaluation and selection of files

The evaluation and decision-making process involves the review of records by managers, who evaluate the information and determine what action to take. They can assign grades, exchange comments and engage in discussions with a view to reaching a final decision on the fate of each file.
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Define the steps and assign the applications to the right person.


Evaluate your candidates’ files.


Decide on the selection of your future nuggets.

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Define access rights to folders efficient and secure management of authorizations

Setting file access rights provides efficient and secure management of permissions in the assessment process. By assigning reviewers to specific case sets and granting them appropriate access rights, you ensure clear division of responsibilities, confidentiality of information, and smooth collaboration between reviewers.

This contributes to efficient case management and well-organized evaluation processes within your structure.

Evaluation space: a flexible approach for collaborative evaluation

When it comes to evaluating files, it is essential to have an efficient system that allows evaluators to work together smoothly and transparently . This is where the assessment space comes in, providing two options to facilitate collaboration and provide comprehensive assessments.

  • Facilitated communication with a comment area

  • Using labels to quickly share information about the status of a folder

  • Dedicated assessor space with specific actions authorized (evaluate the file, send an email to the candidate, etc.)

  • Common evaluation: each evaluator can comment on the file and assign a score that can be modified by the other evaluators.
  • Multiple assessment: complete several assessments on the same file and obtain an overall summary
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Filter , sort and evaluate depositor files

In the file evaluation process, it is essential for evaluators to have clear visibility on the files they must process. This can be done according to different variables such as the deadlines to be respected or the status of the file to be evaluated.

Thanks to the solution's functionalities, evaluators have the ability to efficiently filter, sort and evaluate the files assigned to them.

Decision space : save the final decision

The final decision phase is of capital importance in any file selection process. It is at this moment that the jury, after a careful study of the evaluations, meets to determine the final status of each file.

In order to save you valuable time, our platform offers a functionality allowing you to automate the sending of emails to depositors and to generate personalized letters on the same principle as direct mail. For example, an admission letter can be directly generated and embedded in the email. This approach significantly optimizes the time needed to effectively and quickly communicate essential information to applicants.

Save time, automate your workflow!

  • Document generation
  • Sending emails with attachments to the candidate or associated collaborators
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