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The key to effective application management

  • Collection of applications

  • Sorting of applications

  • Scheduling Interviews

  • Candidate tracking

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File management is an essential task in the recruitment process. It involves collecting, organizing and tracking candidate information.

Our platform offers case management functionality that allows recruiters to simplify and automate this task.

Creating folders

EMUNDUS allows organizations to create personalized files for each candidate. These records may contain information about the applicant's academic background, skills and experience.

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Information management

Our solution helps collect and manage a variety of candidate information, such as resumes, cover letters, test scores, and interview scores.

Organization of files

The EMUNDUS application management platform allows you to organize candidate files in a flexible and intuitive way. Files can be classified by function, by date or by any other criterion relevant to the organization. This flexibility allows recruiters to find the information they need quickly and easily.

Mockup illustration of options on the details of a folder

Mockup illustration of side panel information in the details of a folder

Files monitoring

The file tracking functionality of our EMUNDUS platform allows recruiters to quickly view the progress of each application. Key information, such as application date, application status, and next steps, is presented clearly and concisely. This feature helps recruiters stay organized and make faster decisions.

Ready to transform your records management and data collection process?

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