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Manage user rights on EMUNDUS

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Rights table illustration mockup

Managing user rights is an important process for any organization that uses a digital platform. It helps ensure users have access to the information and features they need, while protecting sensitive data.

We offer a user rights management solution that allows organizations to centrally control user access to our platform. This solution offers a multitude of features that meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.

Profile management

Creating and managing user profiles is an essential task for any business. Profiles define basic user rights, such as access to applications, data and functions. Effective profile management helps ensure that users have the rights they need to perform their tasks, without having access to information or functions they do not need.

Mockup illustration of the rights management tab in the details of a folder

Mockup illustration of access rights to folders via the action bar

Group management

Creating and managing user groups is an essential task for any business. Groups allow you to assign rights to users in bulk, which simplifies and speeds up the rights management process.

Permission management

We offer maximum flexibility when it comes to authorization management. Users and groups can be assigned specific permissions, which define the actions they can perform on our platform.

Mockup illustration of the rights of a group

Mockup illustration of user rights via the users menu

Assignment of files

Share your files with members of the platform or by inviting them for certain files only. You can also invite outside experts to consult and provide feedback.

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