The prices we offer are adapted to your request. Contact us for more information.

Tailor-made prices

Take advantage of the eMundus solution at tailor-made rates! To determine our prices, we evaluate the cost of deployment and the cost of acquiring the platform according to your needs and the time required to implement the eMundus solution. If you require specific features or a specific request, you can contact us for a quote.

Our approach :

We propose you to collaborate in 3 steps :

Deployment of the eMundus platform
Deployment of the eMundus platform

Première étapeDevelopment and Deployment

After understanding your needs and constraints, we build a retroplanning together. Feel free to ask us for the features you need to run your business successfully. The deployment will be done in a fluid and efficient way to allow you to get started quickly.

Distance learning with eMundus
Training provided by our team

Deuxième étapeTraining session

Be confident, we do not leave you alone in front of the platform during deployment, even if it is simple to use. To ensure that you have complete control over each feature, we offer you training (possible at a distance) for your teams.

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