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eMundus Launch Console: an essential tool for campaign management

  • Campaign management

  • Personalized campaigns

  • Rapid recruitment

  • Submission of candidate files

  • Limited duration

  • Communication with candidates

Side menu illustration mockup

The Launch Console on eMundus is a feature that allows organizations to manage recruitment or admissions campaigns. Campaigns are processes during which candidates have the opportunity to submit applications for an associated program within a given period of time.

Creating campaigns

 The console allows organizations to create campaigns, such as campaign start and end dates, campaign objectives, and candidate selection criteria.

Mockup illustration of the top options of the side menu

Mockup illustration of the bottom options of the side menu

Application management

The console allows organizations to manage applications, such as collecting applications, verifying applications, and making decisions.

Communication with candidates

The console allows organizations to communicate with candidates, such as sending notifications and arranging interviews.

Mockup illustration of side menu help options

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