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Do you want to save time managing your applications for your programs? Do you want tailor-made ? EMUNDUS meets your needs.

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Collect lots of applications

Be more visible with an online application form fully integrated into your website. With EMUNDUS, simplify your collection of applications thanks to the fully customizable form.

Distinguish the best students

Gain efficiency and select the best candidates by automating your selection criteria. A considerable time saving to become more competitive.

Produce statistics

Evaluate your recruitment campaigns and your communication by carefully analyzing the statistics provided by our platform. Progress for your future campaigns.

Example use cases

Student selection and registration

Recruit the best candidates in record time.

Bachelor, Master, Doctorate

Manage student applications at several training levels from A to Z.

Professional and continuing education

Define the fields of your online form, configure online payment management, etc.

Awarding of scholarships

Managing the allocation of scholarships with our solution will become a formality for you!

They use our solution

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