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Digitize your recruitment with video interviews

  • Efficiency

  • Comfort

  • Flexibility

  • Cost reduction

  • Online planning

  • Interviews from the platform

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Video interviews are a new way of recruiting that is growing in popularity, especially since COVID. They offer many advantages to recruiters and candidates

Efficiency, comfort and flexibility

Video interviews save time and reduce travel costs. They allow candidates to settle into a familiar environment and can be completed at any time and from anywhere.

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The video interview functionality on EMUNDUS

Our platform offers video interview functionality that allows recruiters to hold interviews with candidates remotely.

It is a powerful tool that can help recruiters find the best candidates for their positions in record time.

Arrange a video interview

To organize a video interview on EMUNDUS, the recruiter must follow these steps:

1. Create a job offer

2. Specify and add a video interview step to the job posting

3. Schedule video interviews

4. Conduct video interviews

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