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Create a mail template

  • Create email templates

  • Send mass emails

  • Personalize your emails

  • Centralize your data

  • Contact your candidates quickly

  • Boost your recruitment

Application form mockup

Watch how to create your own letter template yourself. A useful tool for mass sending a similar letter but adapted to each candidate using meta-tags.

Create a new document template

Our platform has launched a solution allowing companies to create personalized email templates, from your online space. Thanks to EMUNDUS, you can send mass personalized emails to your candidates. This will allow you to save time on your recruitment, and accelerate the inclusion of your future gem in your organization.

You can transform files from certain formats to other formats:

  • word to PDF (with tag replacement)
  • word to word (replacing mail merge tags)
  • Excel to Excel, via the Gotenberg conversion tool we have. This tool allows you to maintain the formatting of files.
Formbuilder mockup

Mockup illustration of the steps of submitting a file

Documents created in Word and in the platform

Build your document in Word. To personalize it, insert meta-tags from the form attached to the program, i.e. meta-tags built in ${...}. The file sent will be in .docx format.

Create a document yourself in your platform using the different text editors (message body, header, footer). To personalize it, use general meta tags and form meta tags. The file is sent as PDF.

How to use meta tags?

General meta-tags

Here is a list of general meta-tags that you can use:

[FNUM] for the candidate's file number;
[USER_NAME] for the candidate's username;
[COURSE_LABEL] for the name of the program;
[CAMPAIGN_LABEL] for the campaign name;
[SITE_URL] for the address of the application platform;
[USER_EMAIL] for the user's email.

Form-specific meta tags

To create templates with program/form-specific information, you must use form element IDs.

You can retrieve them in Administration > Programs, then by clicking on the icon next to the targeted program. For these tags, keep the format ${...}, do not add brackets [].

Formbuilder illustration mockup

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