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Authentication on EMUNDUS: enhanced security for your business

  • Secure authentication

  • Reinforcement of access

  • Custom settings

  • Password authentication

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Different forms of directories

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Authentication is a process that verifies a user's identity before allowing them access to a resource. It is essential for the security of information and computer systems.

The EMUNDUS platform offers robust authentication functionality that allows businesses to protect their data and systems against intrusions.

Different forms of directories

It is possible to combine several forms of directories to connect to a platform: Cas, LDAP, OpenID, SAML... in order to simplify the management of users and rights. For example, a platform might use a central directory for basic user information and then use specific directories for additional information, such as access rights or professional profiles.

This approach reduces the number of directories to manage, which can simplify the administration of the platform. It also helps improve the consistency of user information because all information is stored in one place.

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Password authentication

This method is the most common and easiest to implement. It consists of asking the user to enter a password to authenticate.

Indeed, this authentication method is fast, however, it is not the most secure. If you really want to strengthen your authentication to your platform, we recommend two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication

This method is more secure than password authentication alone. Indeed, this reinforced method consists of asking the user to provide two authentication factors.

Typically, this authentication method involves asking the user to input a password and then confirming a code generated by a mobile device or email address.

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