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A strategic step for compliance, security, and organizational effectiveness

  • Archiving of files

  • Classification folders

  • Stock History

  • Transmission of files

  • Deleting folders

  • Communication with candidates

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This phase is often neglected within the document cycle, however, from an operational point of view, it generates a significant freeing up of space and thus contributes to increasing daily efficiency.

Archiving your dematerialized files

This feature provides several benefits such as organizing and prioritizing documents, optimizing storage space, more efficient searching, complying with retention requirements, creating a history, securing data and improving the performance of the overall system. By moving less active documents to the archives, this functionality helps maintain an orderly, secure and efficient digital work environment.

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Mockup illustration of the steps of submitting a file

Classification of your files

Filing your files ensures a structured organization of documents, facilitating quick access, improving productivity, reducing errors, enabling version management, promoting collaboration, facilitating information management, strengthening security, and simplifying traceability in the event of audits. This feature helps create an efficient and optimized document management environment.

Stock History

Access to the history of actions guarantees precise traceability of the various interactions on the platform (examples: identification of the author of the change in the status of a file, indication of the date of sending an e-mail, etc.). It promotes individual responsibility, allows rapid response to problems, ensures transparency in communication, and facilitates informed decision-making. This also serves as an educational and change tracking tool for transparent and effective information management.

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