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Make your
email sending

  • Integrated functionality

  • Simplify your communication

  • Personalized emails

  • Create your email templates

  • Automation of shipments

Email management illustration mockup

Our innovative platform provides you with
integrated email sending functionality, allowing you to simplify and optimize your communications.

Send personalized emails in one click

Optimize your communications with our personalized email sending feature. Take advantage of the many benefits it offers. Centralize all your communications in a single tool, eliminating confusion and loss of information.

Personalize your emails using pre-made templates, saving you valuable time while ensuring consistency of your messages. In addition, easily track the history of your exchanges with candidates or participants in calls for projects, finding previous conversations and ensuring effective follow-up.

Mockup illustration of modifying an email template

Illustration mockup of email template tags

Create your own email templates, using our advanced settings and mail merge tags

With these features, you are free to design bespoke emails tailored to your specific needs.

To help you, take inspiration from the model made available to you on our platform. Mailing tags play a key role in this advanced personalization. They allow you to insert dynamic variables into your email templates, which will be replaced with specific values ​​when each email is sent.

Once your email template has been created, you can save it and use it for your different campaigns.

Gain efficiency with email automation

Email automation is an effective way to simplify and speed up your communications .

This feature allows you to configure predefined rules and scenarios to automatically send specific emails to the right recipients at the right time.

The benefits of automating email sending are numerous: saving time, consistency in your communications, improving recipient engagement and being able to track the performance of your campaigns.

Mockup illustration of sending emails via the action bar

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