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Who are we ?

eMundus is a French start-up based in La Rochelle. We are developing an online application management platform for you.  

Our mission is clear: to save you precious time by avoiding repetitive and time-consuming tasks. We then offer you a platform that meets many needs.

Photograph of students in an amphitheater
Screenshot of the campaign list page
Screenshot of the form creation page
Screenshot of the campaign edit page
Screenshot of the list of created forms page

How was the Emundus project born?

​​As he began his duties as a lecturer at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in March 2015, Benjamin Rivalland noted that the tools used and the methods put in place to collect and process student application files are far from being effective. In February 2017, the eMundus company was created and immediately equipped its first customers.

Two years later, the solution has been enriched with many other business functionalities which allow us to effectively help each of our customers every day.


In 2008, Benjamin, colloquially called Ben internally, began creating the very first iteration of the EMUNDUS platform. Its primary objective lies in responding to the pressing need for coordination of European master's programs, particularly with regard to the delicate phase of candidate selection.


The year 2017 marks a decisive turning point. Benjamin took the bold decision to give a true entrepreneurial form to his initiative, thus giving birth to the EMUNDUS company. This strategic decision stems from growing interest in the innovative solution it offers.


To date, EMUNDUS continues its upward trajectory by continuing its expansion and exploring new avenues of diversification.