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A portal to manage your student selection campaigns as a team

Recruit the best candidates in record time!

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Automate your student recruitment campaigns

The eMundus solution allows schools and companies to automate their campaigns and sort applications from different students.

Ease of access for students

Students can connect to your online space in just a few clicks. This makes it easier for them to participate.

Creation of complete files with attachments

Students can submit online all the elements necessary to create their application files.

Teamwork with collaborative space

Your entire team can view the progress of student files. Practical for HR, department directors, or yourself!

The advantages of the eMundus solution

Receive many applications quickly
Communicate with candidates and collaborators
Evaluate, offer tests, conduct interviews
Check the conformity of the file and documents
Help your teams speed up the recruitment process
Select the best folders

They already trust us

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Discover the features

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Setting up workflows


Summary tools

Coordinator interface

Filter and sort folders

Task automation

User role management

Uploading files

Creation of files

Speed ​​up your selection process

With eMundus, you will find the right profile in record time. Collect, filter then select the best candidates.

Rapid deployment

Scalable solution

Adaptable platform