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Facilitate communication between depositors and managers via messaging

  • Online document filing

  • Exchange with depositors

  • Online messaging

  • Speed ​​up your processes

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eMundus online messaging allows organizations to save considerable time on the progress of candidate files.

In fact, you will now be able to offer your candidates to submit their documents online, and communicate directly with the applicants. This messaging feature helps you learn more about candidates in your organization.

Communications between manager and depositor

The first functionality of eMundus messaging is the possibility of communicating directly with the submitters of files for your organization.

You will be able to ask all your questions directly online, from your eMundus space, to your candidates, in order to find out more about their motivations, their backgrounds and their personalities.

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Mockup illustration of the steps of submitting a file

Request for submission of documents

The messaging functionality of the eMundus tool allows recruiters, and organizations, the possibility of asking candidates to submit their documents online.

Via messaging, you can then centralize all the data and documentation acquired on your eMundus online space.

Overall Benefits of Messaging

eMundus messaging has different advantages for its users, such as a centralized space. In fact, all stakeholders with access to messaging can communicate with depositors.

Also, this messaging makes it possible to centralize data and documents acquired.

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