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Do you have an existing IT solution on application management ?

eMundus provides a white-label online platform that brings together the extensive spaces and features for automating repetitive tasks, collaboration and interconnection that an organization needs to accelerate and make its application management process more reliable from start to finish. It understands :

  • a public portal to present open programs to candidates
  • a deposit area to each proposed programme, associated with a form customised to collect the desired information, sometimes specific to a programme
  • a space accessible to a generally limited number of users to manage the campaign, create user accounts, define user profiles, create email templates, manage the rules for automatic email sending by the platform....
  • an evaluation space, also accessible to a certain type of user (with an evaluator profile), to comment and evaluate, alone or in group, the complete application files received
  • a decision space to enter the final decision of the jury in each evaluated file
  • a dashboard to access and consult in a flash key statistics and analyses in the form of graphs, printable as chartered reports and exportable in different formats (Excel/CSV, PDF, ZIP)
  • a folder archiving space
The eMundus platform thus allows a customer to :
  • give visibility to the programs
  • improve their image and the candidate's experience
  • speed up processing and decision-making times
  • maintain contact with depositors at each step of the process thanks to the automatic email alert and sending system included in the solution, which will allow one or more people, whatever their user profile, to be automatically relaunched or informed of a change

Depending on the needs and to go further, it is possible to activate additional features on request : trombinoscope generation, online payment, electronic signature, automatic generation and personalization of a standard document, setting up an LDAP connection, maintenance booking, automatic transfer and storage of processed files to an archive space located outside the platform....

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