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Interconnection at the heart of your business

  • Connect your work tools

  • Save time

  • Avoid re-entries

  • Connect your CRM

  • Connect an LDAP

  • Interconnect an infinite number of software

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Our platform interconnects with your work tools to save you time and avoid any re-entry.


An address book is an essential tool for any platform that wants to facilitate communication and collaboration between its users. It helps centralize all user contacts, making contact searching and communication easier.

Importing contacts from an LDAP directory is an essential feature of an address book. It allows users to save valuable time by avoiding having to manually enter their contacts.

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EMUNDUS has launched the possibility of connecting the online platform with your CRM, saving you from having to re-enter data.

Thanks to this connection, you will be able to centralize all the data from your recruitment campaigns in one place.

Other platforms

EMUNDUS has developed several possible interconnections with software such as Zoom. In addition, customers can also interconnect an application via our platform as well as interconnect the platform from their internal tools. They can then recover all their data. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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Ready to transform your records management and data collection process?

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