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Cascade evaluation system on EMUNDUS: an effective solution for performance management

  • Manage your evaluation cycles

  • Manage reviewer roles

  • Evaluate the performance of your teams

  • Evaluate areas of progress

  • Identification of candidates for management positions

  • Identification of professional development needs

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Our platform offers a waterfall assessment system functionality that allows organizations to implement this type of assessment system simply and efficiently.

The features of the cascade evaluation system

The cascade appraisal system is a type of performance appraisal system in which appraisals are carried out by a series of people, from the top line to the bottom line. This system is often used in large organizations, where it is difficult for a single manager to effectively evaluate all his or her subordinates.

The EMUNDUS Cascaded Appraisal System functionality offers a host of features that enable organizations to implement this type of appraisal system effectively

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Management of evaluations, evaluators and cycles

The functionality allows organizations to manage assessment cycles, such as assessment start and end dates, assessment objectives, and assessment criteria.

Our platform allows organizations to manage assessors, such as their roles, responsibilities and qualifications.

Our solution allows organizations to manage reviews, such as collecting reviews, compiling reviews, and reporting reviews.

Apply cascading assessment

The waterfall rating system can be used for a variety of tasks:

Performance Appraisal: The system can be used to evaluate the performance of employees, such as their skills, knowledge and contributions to the organization.

Professional Development: The system can be used to identify professional development needs of employees.

Succession planning: The system can be used to identify potential candidates for management positions.

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