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Create custom forms and collect data efficiently

  • Data repositories

  • Conditional fields 

  • Attachments

  • Multiple stages

  • Evaluation forms

  • Decision forms

Illustration mockup of the application form

Simplify your data collection by creating forms using a pre-existing template or customizing them to your needs.

Customize your data fields for precise collection of information

Customizing data fields in your online forms is essential for accurate collection of the desired information. Whether you need checkboxes, radio buttons, comment spaces, or first and last name fields, it's important to choose the appropriate options based on the data you want to collect.

By using the right data fields, you can get clear and relevant answers , allowing you to get the most out of the information collected.

Formbuilder illustration mockup

Mockup illustration of the steps of submitting a file

Your forms in several pages for a better user experience

Creating your forms across multiple pages improves user experience , makes navigation easier, drives engagement , collects more accurate information, reduces abandonment rates , and adapts to different devices.

These advantages make it a suitable approach to obtain quality responses and increase the efficiency of your data collection process.

Request mandatory or optional attachments

By making attachments mandatory, you ensure that users provide the necessary documents to process their request. Do you need proofs, certificates, contracts or other important documents to validate the answers? Guarantee complete data collection!

If the parts are not essential, users can choose to add files to their response. By specifying optional attachments, you provide greater flexibility to users, while improving their form filling experience.

Formbuilder illustration mockup

Optimize your workflow by segmenting processes into distinct steps using case status and user profiles

Segment your processes for better collaboration and better visibility of progress.

Screenshot of the phase management interface

Ready to transform your records management and data collection process?

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