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Build your own online FAQ

  • Customizable FAQ

  • Unique content

  • Answer questions about your business

  • Guide your users

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The eMundus platform offers organizations the possibility of setting up their own FAQs on their online space. You will be able to answer all users' questions while saving considerable time.

A customizable FAQ

Our platform offers a personalized FAQ solution to organizations. As with all other eMundus solutions, the FAQ can be fully customizable and meet your own criteria.

You will select the format of the answers (drop-down format, etc.), the number of questions, as well as the topics covered in your FAQ.

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Save time

The biggest advantage of the FAQ is undoubtedly the time saving. Without FAQs, organizations must take the time to answer each user question separately.

By having an FAQ, you will be able to automatically redirect them to your predefined answers. This saves organizations considerable time on what really matters.

Improve user experience

Some users may land on your platform without understanding much about your organization. Having an FAQ allows users to quickly find the answers to their questions, and therefore acclimatize to your organization.

eMundus strives to provide you with the best solution to support you in the growth of your organization.

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