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Collect relevant data about
your candidates

Our EMUNDUS platform allows organizations to simply collect data from all files.

Illustration of schematic web interface

Custom forms

Create a fully customizable application form with the data that interests you.

Improved recruitment

Reduce the time and costs of recruitment campaigns.

Enlarging the address book

Add to your address book with letters of recommendation from your candidates.

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personalized application forms

Define a fully customizable application form. The EMUNDUS team is responsible for integrating it into the application platform.

Bring candidates to a space that reflects your image.

  • A creation according to your needs

  • A candidate portal

  • Documents to attach online

Add to your address book

Continue to enrich your address book with letters of recommendation from your candidates.

You can request the opinion of an external evaluation expert for a specific candidate file.

  • JCRM

  • Invitation of experts

Screenshot of folder list
Screenshot of an evaluation form
Screenshot of the list of pending reviews

Collect electronic signatures from your candidates

Offer candidates to electronically sign their documents directly from the platform. You will make their work easier and provide them with a satisfying experience from start to finish.

  • Save time

  • Simplify the process

Online eligibility test

For some calls, it is necessary to ensure that a candidate has the required knowledge to apply.

Our quiz functionality allows you to offer a candidate the series of questions of your choice, which they must answer within the allotted time in order to send their application file.

  • Online quizzes

  • Timeliness

Screenshot of the decision list
Screenshot of the decision field

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Questions ?

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our offerings and discover how our platform can meet your needs.