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Online payment on EMUNDUS: a simple and secure solution

  • Secure payment

  • Easy subscription management

  • Recurring flow

  • Bank transfers

  • Interconnection

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Our platform offers a simple and secure online payment solution that allows businesses to easily manage their subscriptions online.

Once your subscription has been selected, you will be charged on a recurring basis, in complete security.

Payments directly from the platform

Credit cards are a reliable, fast and secure means of payment. Credit cards being the most common payment method online, EMUNDUS has logically integrated the possibility for its customers to pay directly online.

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Connect banking SMEs

Bank transfers are a slower payment method, but they can be more secure than credit cards or debit cards. Indeed, in this case, your banker may be required to validate your transaction. If you feel more comfortable in this case, feel free to use it. However, remember that EMUNDUS remains a reliable and secure platform.

Use and interconnect banking applications

E-wallets, such as PayPal, are a popular payment method for online purchases. We offer our users the option of using electronic payment methods to settle their payments online, from the platform.

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