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Native features

eMundus offers a wide range of native features, ranging from form builders to automated email sending. With us, your calls for projects and recruitment process are in good hands.

Form builder

Build custom forms for your candidates.

Console to launch your campaigns

Manage and pilot your recruitment campaigns.

Records Management

Create, manage, organize and track your files.

Post-file management

View your file history.


Export all your files in different formats.


Automate the sending of emails from the platform.

Evaluation and Decision

Evaluate and select the best candidates.

Status management

Speed ​​up the processing of application files.

User rights management

Centrally control user access to the platform.


Take advantage of an online messaging space.


Analyze and export your recruitment campaigns.
Custom made

Can't find the feature you need? Ask us!

The eMundus team can develop tailor-made functionality for your business, and give you the best possible experience on the platform.

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Try our solution now

Do you want to know more about our online solution? You can book a demo of the tool at any time.