Each eMundus platform has features that are essential to manage your online applications. We can, at your request, add additional features that will save you time at each key step of your campaigns.


The eMundus platform allows you to easily collect all the folders on your site.

Collect applications easily
Functionality of collecting applications for your call
Application form

A creation according to your needs

You define the application form which is fully customizable (mandatory fields, number of characters...). Our eMundus team will then integrate it into the application platform and link it to the dedicated program.

Candidate portal

Take your candidates to a space that reflects your image where they can consult the available offers and apply.

Documents to be attached

You can choose the number of documents to attach and their specificities thanks to the eMundus solution. Feel free to create your form !

Manage and Communicate

Complete your management more quickly and exchange with your candidates.

Program management

Customized programs

Candidates will apply for programs. These programs will be defined by a year, a period, a profile for candidates or a name according to your choice. Thus, the program management module allows the platform coordinator to :

  • define several programs
  • assign a period to each program
  • set up application campaigns for each programme

Application campaigns

Application campaigns correspond to the periods during which candidates can submit their file.

Manage and communicate your call for applications with eMundus
Feature for managing and communicating your application campaigns


Perform your evaluations more efficiently and all the tasks that accompany the evaluation.

Evaluate each application file with eMundus
Feature for evaluating candidates' files
Candidate file

The application file

This module displays all the folders created by candidates in a list. A quick search and filter system then provides easy access to certain types of files. It is also possible to create tags and add them to certain folders to customize your searches. A candidate's file is accessible from this list. In this way, you will be able to get an overview of the completed form and the information provided by the candidate. Remember, personal data is protected, thus respecting our GDRP policy.

The statutes

The processing of candidates' files will be able to be effective thanks to their status, which will then organize a workflow. These statutes can of course be modified at your convenience in terms of name or color.


Our platform interconnects with your work tools to save you time and avoid any re-entering.


An address book allows you to collect all your contacts on the platform. You can import these contacts from your LDAP directory, which saves you a lot of time !

Benefit from interconnections with the eMundus platform
Feature of interconnection of the platform with your software

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