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April 1, 2024

How can technology improve the higher education applicant experience?

Candidate experience

In a world where digital technology transforms the smallest element of our lives, what is the place of digital technology in improving the path of candidates who wish to join the Grandes Écoles? This question is crucial, both for candidates and for institutions. Let's take a look at the technological advancements that improve the application experience and admissions process.


1- Increase the transparency of the admission process
2- Continuous improvement thanks to candidate feedback
3- Enhancement of applications using digital tools

1- Increase the transparency of the admission process

The digital age has given rise to a multitude of tools to optimize the transparency and clarity of admission procedures. These technological innovations are valuable in an educational context.

Custom Dashboards

For aspiring students, the ability to track their progress via intuitive interfaces provides reassuring assurance throughout their journey. These systems provide visibility into validated criteria and those awaiting approval, with the added benefit of promoting self-management and proactivity.

Virtual Campus Tours

Virtual tours provide an immersive experience that allows candidates to familiarize themselves with the schools' atmosphere and facilities without having to travel. This tool significantly contributes to their decision-making by providing them with an overview of the student life they could lead.

Take the case of, for example, a platform where the candidate can see the status of their application, missing documents and upcoming deadlines.

2- Continuous improvement thanks to candidate feedback

The candidate experience is not limited to submitting an application, but is an ongoing interaction that deserves to be refined and enriched by feedback.

Post-admission satisfaction surveys

After admission, it is important to analyze the impressions and suggestions of candidates in order to best understand the points that satisfy them and those that require improvement. This approach demonstrates the institutions' dedication to continuous improvement.

Implementation of recommendations

The concrete implementation of the recommendations solidifies the confidence of potential students in an institution that demonstrates its responsiveness and investment in the student community.

A survey might reveal that applicants would appreciate more advice on preparing their applications.

3- Promotion of applications using digital tools

At a time when digital is essential in all exchanges, its use in the application process is a considerable lever of differentiation.

Interactive video presentations

Incorporating video presentations gives a human and personal dimension to the application, allowing students to present themselves in a more authentic way.

Digital mentoring

Digital mentoring programs guide candidates through the expertise of experienced individuals and strengthen the quality of submitted applications. This creates a bond between applicants and the school community even before admission.

Let's take the example of an advanced applicant management system that Excelia has implemented for its international candidates. This system not only allows real-time application tracking, but also online payment, which greatly simplifies the procedure for applicants and demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of the establishment to modern needs.

In summary, technology is an essential pillar in the evolution of application and admission procedures for major schools. It simplifies, personalizes and constantly improves the candidate experience, while making the work of admissions managers easier. The future looks bright for those who know how to use these tools wisely.

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