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May 31, 2024

5 tips for effectively managing competition juries with a digital platform

Admission panels

Managing competition juries can quickly become a headache for schools. How can we ensure we have the right evaluator profiles at the right time, while offering them the best working conditions? A digital platform like Emundus provides concrete answers to these challenges, by centralizing information, automating time-consuming tasks and personalizing the juror experience. Discover in this article 5 tips for optimizing the management of your juries using digital technology.

Summary :

  1. Centralize juror information in a single space

  2. Allow jurors to manage their own availability

  3. Streamline communication with jurors

  4. Personalize logistics management according to the specificities of the competitions

  5. Optimize the work of jurors on D-day

1- Centralize jurors’ information in a single space

Create juror profiles with their specialties and experiences

Emundus allows you to create complete juror profiles, including their areas of expertise and professional backgrounds. This information facilitates the creation of relevant and balanced juries, ensuring that each candidate will be evaluated by experts in the relevant field.

By centralizing this data in a single platform, competition managers can quickly identify the most suitable jurors for each situation. This ensures a quality assessment and a positive experience for candidates.

Let's take the example of a major business school which organizes an entrance exam. Thanks to the detailed profiles of jurors on Emundus, the admissions manager can easily select professionals experienced in marketing, finance and entrepreneurship to evaluate candidates in a relevant manner.

Give jurors access only to competitions that concern them

To preserve confidentiality and optimize the organization, it is essential to give jurors specific access to the competitions with which they are associated. Thanks to Emundus , each juror has a personal space where they can only find the information relevant to them.

This secure approach avoids any confusion and allows jurors to concentrate on their evaluation mission. In just a few clicks, they can access candidate files, instructions and useful documents, without being overwhelmed by superfluous data.

Let's imagine an engineering school that manages several competitions in parallel (post-baccalaureate admission, parallel admission, etc.). By configuring specific access on Emundus, each juror connects to their space and directly finds information related to the competition(s) that concern them. This simplifies their involvement.

Did you know that the Emundus platform advantageously replaces the dozens of Excel files usually used to manage competition juries? A real revolution!

2- Allow jurors to manage their own availability

Give permanent access to the profile to update logistics information

Emundus offers jurors unlimited access to their profile, allowing them to update their personal information and logistical constraints (accommodation, transportation, specific diets, etc.) at any time. This flexibility is an asset for adapting to unforeseen events and guaranteeing flawless organization.

By making jurors responsible for managing these practical aspects, competition managers can concentrate on tasks with higher added value. They save precious time while ensuring they have up-to-date information to best plan the reception of jurors.

Let's take the case of a juror who, a few days before the competition, realizes that he is following a gluten-free diet. Thanks to his permanent access to Emundus, he can immediately update this information in his profile. The school will thus be able to offer him suitable meals on the big day, for his greatest comfort.

Offer a personalized form for each date selection

When a juror selects a participation date on Emundus, they are automatically invited to fill out a form to specify their needs. This form adapts according to the specificities of each competition and campus, thus collecting all the data necessary for a tailor-made organization.

In just a few minutes, the juror can indicate their accommodation preferences, arrival and departure times, possible allergies, etc. This information is immediately centralized in the platform, allowing managers to anticipate and plan in the best conditions.

Let's illustrate this with the example of a university that has several sites. When a juror chooses a date on Emundus, the form that appears is automatically personalized with accommodation and transportation options specific to the campus in question. Ultra practical for the juror and the organizer!

To optimize the management of jurors’ availability, here are some best practices to adopt:

  1. Regularly follow up with jurors who have not yet informed their availability

  2. Use Emundus dashboards to visualize the response rate and anticipate shortages

  3. Allow jurors to change their dates themselves in the event of unforeseen circumstances

3- Streamline communication with jurors

Confirm date choices and invite them to be added to the personal calendar

As Emundus points out, "during each of their validations, your jurors receive emails summarizing the choices they have just made as well as an invitation to put the selected dates in their diary." This automated communication avoids any forgetting or misunderstanding.

In a few seconds, the juror is reassured about his registration and can block the slots in his schedule. This is a significant time saving for both the jurors and the managers, who no longer need to follow up with each participant individually.

Let's take the example of a busy juror who tends to forget his commitments. By systematically receiving a confirmation email after each date chosen on Emundus, with an .ics file to add to their calendar, they can organize themselves with peace of mind. Their attendance on the big day is thus guaranteed!

Facilitate exchanges thanks to pre-written email templates in the platform

To increase efficiency, Emundus offers a library of email templates adapted to each stage of jury management. Summons, reminders, instructions, thanks... managers can personalize these templates in a few clicks and send them directly from the platform.

No more scattered and time-consuming email exchanges! All communications are centralized and accessible at any time. The jurors appreciate this professional and responsive approach, which contributes to a relationship of trust.

Let's imagine a school which must send summons to a hundred jurors. Rather than writing and sending each email individually, the manager uses the “Convocation” model on Emundus. It personalizes a few elements (date, times, campus, etc.) and sends everything in one click. A valuable time saver!

For optimal communication with jurors:



Use Emundus email templates

Gain productivity and editorial quality

Centralize exchanges on the platform

Keep track of history and make tracking easier

Schedule automatic reminders

Ensure good transmission of information

4- Personalize logistics management according to the specificities of the competitions

Offer different types of accommodation and monitor their availability in real time

Each competition has its own constraints, particularly in terms of accommodation for jurors. With Emundus, it is possible to offer different options (hotel, university residence, private room, etc.) and monitor their availability in real time.

Jurors can thus select the solution that suits them best, based on criteria such as location, comfort or budget. For their part, managers keep an eye on reservations and can adjust capacity if necessary.

Let's take the case of a school with a residence on its campus and a partnership with surrounding hotels. On Emundus, jurors have access to these different possibilities and make their choice according to their preferences. The school monitors the progress of reservations and can release additional rooms if necessary.

Adapt the arrangements for welcoming jurors to each competition and location

Beyond accommodation, the reception of jurors must be thought out down to the smallest detail: badges, catering, transport, etc. Emundus allows you to finely configure all these aspects according to the specificities of each competition and campus.

Thanks to this granularity, managers can offer a personalized experience to each juror, taking into account local constraints. This attention to their well-being is a key factor in promoting their engagement and motivation.

Let's illustrate this with the example of a school hosting a competition on two campuses 50 km apart. Jurors assigned to campus A are offered a shuttle service from the train station, while those on campus B receive free parking. These parameters are easily configurable on Emundus for tailor-made management.

Here are some suggestions to best personalize your welcome to your jurors:

  • Provide them with a practical guide summarizing all the useful information (access map, contacts, program, etc.)

  • Plan a welcome kit with some goodies in school colors

  • Designate a referent who will be their preferred contact throughout the competition

5- Optimize the work of the jurors on D-day

Edit badges with name, photo and QR code to quickly identify jurors

On the day of the competition, every minute counts. To facilitate the identification of jurors and streamline their access to the different spaces, Emundus offers to produce personalized badges. With their name, photo and a unique QR code, these badges allow quick and efficient control.

No more endless queues and tedious checks! The jurors can devote themselves fully to their mission, in optimal conditions. And if necessary, all the useful information is accessible in a flash.

Take the example of a juror arriving on campus the morning of the competition. Thanks to his badge published from Emundus, he is immediately identified and directed to the right building. At the entrance to the deliberation room, their QR code is scanned to confirm their presence. Saving time and peace of mind to get you started on the right foot!

Provide access to key information and documents on a mobile app

To go even further in simplifying the work of jurors, Emundus has developed a dedicated mobile application. Thanks to it, evaluators find everything they need on their smartphone: schedule, list of candidates, evaluation grid, reference documents, etc.

No more need to juggle between different media or chase information! Everything is within reach, for intuitive handling. Jurors gain autonomy and serenity, which contributes to the quality of their performance.

Let's imagine a juror in the middle of an interview with a candidate. With a simple tap on his smartphone, he accesses the evaluation grid and can fill it out live, without interrupting the discussions. At the end of the day, he consults his schedule for the next day and downloads the documents to reread in the evening at the hotel. The Emundus app really makes his life easier!

To maximize the effectiveness of your jurors on D-Day:

  1. Send them a complete briefing in advance (instructions, evaluation criteria, etc.)

  2. Plan a welcome session to introduce them to the tools and answer their questions

  3. Provide them with a responsive support team to manage unforeseen events

  4. Offer them relaxation and conviviality spaces to help them decompress

"Thanks to Emundus, our teachers really enjoy their jury missions. They have all the tools to work efficiently, in optimal conditions. It's a real comfort for them... and for us!" - Pierre, Competition manager of an engineering school

Some examples of schools already using Emundus to optimize the management of their competitions:


Use Emundus

Science Po Paris

Admissions to summer courses and accommodation reservations


Management of work-study applications


Management of international admissions and online payment

In summary, digitalization offers numerous solutions to simplify and optimize the management of examination boards. By centralizing information, empowering jurors and automating time-consuming tasks, a platform like Emundus allows you to gain efficiency and peace of mind. Schools can thus focus on the essential: offering the best possible experience to jurors and guaranteeing quality evaluations. A win-win approach for admissions excellence.

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