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May 23, 2024

How to optimize the reception of candidates using an online application management tool?

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Providing a personalized welcome to candidates during competitive examinations is a major challenge for schools. An online application management tool makes it possible to collect precise information on the preferences and constraints of each participant, to centralize data for simplified management and to automate administrative tasks. Thanks to these features, schools can offer tailor-made support and guarantee a positive experience for candidates.

Summary :

  1. Collect precise information via a configurable form

  2. Centralize data for simplified management

  3. Automate administrative tasks

  4. Offer personalized support to candidates

1- Collect precise information via a configurable form

Adapt the fields to the specificities of each competition

Application management software offers the possibility of creating tailor-made forms to collect the information necessary to organize the accommodation and catering of candidates. You can therefore personalize the fields according to the specificities of each competition and each campus, in order to precisely meet the needs of your school.

By adapting the application forms, you are able to collect essential information, such as accommodation preferences, dietary restrictions or even transportation constraints of the candidates. This data will then allow you to offer a personalized welcome and to best anticipate everyone's requests.

Let's take the example of an entrance exam for a major business school. The application form could include specific fields to indicate food allergies, the type of accommodation desired (single, double room, etc.), as well as the planned means of transportation to get to campus. By collecting this information in advance, the school can adapt its reception offer and ensure that each candidate benefits from optimal conditions during the oral exams.

Integrate individual preferences and constraints

The configurable application form gives you the opportunity to integrate the individual preferences and constraints of candidates. For example, you can provide fields dedicated to food allergies, specific diets or even needs linked to a disability situation.

By collecting this information in advance, you are able to take into account the particularities of each candidate and adapt your accommodation and catering offer accordingly. This allows you to offer a truly tailor-made welcome and ensure the well-being of all participants during the orals.

Let's imagine the case of a candidate suffering from a motor disability. Using the application form, they can indicate their specific needs in terms of accessibility for accommodation and examination rooms. The school can thus provide a suitable room and ensure that the premises are equipped to accommodate this candidate in the best conditions. This attention to individual constraints demonstrates the establishment's commitment to inclusion and equal opportunities.

Did you know that 92% of candidates appreciate the possibility of personalizing their accommodation and meals during competitive exams?

2- Centralize data for simplified management

Access data in real time

An online application management tool allows you to centralize all data relating to candidates' accommodation and catering requests. You can therefore access key information in real time, such as the number of places reserved, the options chosen by each person or even specific requests.

This centralization of data greatly facilitates the work of your teams responsible for welcoming candidates. They can consult the information they need at any time, without having to juggle between different files or media. This allows for smoother and more efficient management of accommodation and catering.

Let's take the example of an engineering school which organizes competitive exams over several days. Thanks to the application management platform, the reception team can monitor the accommodation occupancy rate in real time and adjust the distribution of rooms based on arrivals and departures. It can also anticipate catering needs by having a clear vision of the number of meals to be planned for each service. This centralized and dynamic management makes it possible to quickly adapt to possible unforeseen events and optimize resources.

Generate reports and statistics

Thanks to the data collected via the application form and centralized on the platform, you are able to easily generate reports and statistics on accommodation occupancy, meal consumption and even candidate satisfaction.

This valuable information allows you to carefully analyze the progress of the orals and identify areas for improvement for future sessions. For example, you can adjust the number of places offered according to observed trends or even adapt the menus according to the preferences expressed by the candidates.

Let's imagine a management school that wants to optimize its accommodation offering for upcoming oral exams. Analyzing data from previous years, she finds that the demand for single rooms is significantly higher than that for shared rooms. Based on this observation, the school can decide to review the distribution of its accommodation and offer more single rooms. This data-driven approach makes it possible to adjust the offer as closely as possible to candidate expectations and improve their overall experience.

For optimal monitoring of candidate reception, here are some key indicators to monitor:



Tracking frequency

Accommodation occupancy rate

Optimize reception capacity management

Daily during orals

Distribution of diets

Adapt menus and quantities to plan

Weekly before the orals

Candidate satisfaction

Identify areas for improvement for future sessions

At the end of each oral session

Early booking rate

Encourage candidates to plan their visit in advance

Monthly before oral exams

3- Automate administrative tasks

Configure management rules

Software dedicated to the management of applications offers you the possibility of setting up specific management rules for the accommodation and catering of candidates. For example, you can define cut-off times for benefiting from catering services, deadlines for room reservations or even cancellation conditions.

By integrating these rules directly into the application form, you ensure that candidates are aware of them as soon as they register. This allows you to frame requests in advance and avoid complex situations to manage later. This is a considerable time and efficiency saving for your teams.

Let's take the case of a school which wishes to set a reservation deadline for accommodation, in order to be able to best organize the reception of candidates. By setting this rule in the application form, it ensures that participants are informed of this constraint and that they make their reservation on time. This avoids last minute requests and allows the reception team to calmly plan the distribution of rooms and associated services.

Send personalized notifications

Automating administrative tasks also involves sending personalized notifications to candidates. Thanks to an online management tool, you can set up confirmation emails for accommodation and meal reservations, reminders before the date of the orals or even thank you messages once the event has passed.

These automated communications adapted to each candidate profile allow you to provide them with all the practical information they need, without mobilizing your teams on these time-consuming tasks. You thus improve the candidate experience while optimizing the work of your employees.

Let's imagine a school that wants to send a personalized confirmation email to each candidate who has reserved accommodation. Thanks to the application management tool, she can configure an email template including information specific to each participant (dates of stay, type of room, services included, etc.). These emails are then sent automatically, without manual intervention from the team. Candidates thus have all the information necessary to calmly prepare for their arrival, while employees can concentrate on tasks with higher added value.

To effectively automate administrative tasks related to welcoming candidates, here are some actions to put in place:

  1. Define clear management rules and integrate them into the application form

  2. Configure email templates for the different notifications to send to candidates

  3. Set up automatic triggers for sending emails (reservation confirmation, reminders, etc.)

  4. Automatically generate the documents necessary for welcoming candidates (badges, route sheets, etc.)

  5. Set up alerts for specific requests or situations requiring manual intervention

Simplify the online payment process

Offering online payment for accommodation and dining costs has many benefits, both for applicants and schools. Participants can thus pay for their reservations simply and securely, at their own pace. For your part, you no longer have to manage checks or cash on the day and can easily track payments.

By integrating a payment solution into your application management tool, you streamline the process and avoid unpaid bills or errors. It is a source of peace for everyone and one less point of friction in the organization of oral exams.

Let's take the example of a school that offers different paid accommodation and catering options during its competitive exams. By allowing candidates to pay directly online via the application platform, it greatly simplifies the process. No more need to manage checks or manual transfers, everything is centralized and automated. Candidates can pay in just a few clicks, at a time that suits them best. The school, for its part, can easily track payments and the conversion rate of reservations.

“Online payment saves us precious time in managing oral registrations and allows us to concentrate on the essential: welcoming candidates in the best conditions.” - Opinion from an admissions manager from a major school

4- Offer personalized support to candidates

Anticipate specific needs

By using the data collected via the application form, you are able to anticipate the specific needs of each participant and respond to them in a personalized manner. If a candidate informs you of a food allergy, you can, for example, plan a suitable menu and inform them in advance.

This attention to individual needs shows your commitment to providing the best possible welcome to your candidates. By anticipating their requests and providing concrete responses, you allow them to approach the oral exams in the best conditions.

Imagine the case of a candidate who indicates in his registration form that he follows a vegetarian diet. With this information, you can plan suitable options for each meal and inform the candidate in advance. This prevents them from having to worry about their diet during oral exams and shows them that their well-being is a priority for your school. It’s a simple gesture but one that can make a real difference in the candidate experience.

Organize individual trips

Application management software also gives you the ability to organize participants' individual travel, from their arrival to their departure. By collecting information on their mode of transport and their schedules, you can plan tailor-made support.

This can involve setting up shuttles from train stations or airports, organizing carpooling between candidates or even reserving taxis. By making it easier for everyone to travel, you help reduce their stress and provide them with a positive experience.

Let's take the example of a school which welcomes candidates from all over France for its oral exams. By offering them a shuttle service from the station, it greatly simplifies their arrival on campus. Candidates no longer have to worry about finding transportation or navigating an unfamiliar city. They are picked up as soon as they get off the train and accompanied to their accommodation. This is a very appreciated service, which demonstrates the attention paid by the school to the comfort of participants.

To offer personalized and memorable support to candidates, here are some ideas to implement:




Dedicated concierge

A single point of contact to respond to all candidate requests

Setting up a specific number and email for questions related to accommodation and catering

Personalized welcome pack

Give candidates all the practical information they need and make them feel expected

Sending a personalized welcome booklet with the oral program, key locations, practical advice, etc.

Activities on campus

Allow candidates to relax and create connections between tests

Organization of guided tours, relaxation sessions, group games, etc.

24/7 support

Reassure candidates that they can get help at any time

The establishment of a dedicated hotline and online chat system aims to offer an efficient and accessible support service to meet user needs in real time.

Conclusion :

By adapting application forms, centralizing data, automating administrative tasks and offering personalized support, schools can guarantee a memorable experience for candidates and thus strengthen their attractiveness and reputation. By investing in efficient application management tools, establishments ensure they stand out in a competitive environment and meet the ever-higher expectations of candidates.

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