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Is your IT solution compatible with other applications? Are gateways possible? Particularly with CRM or ERP type software?

The eMundus solution interconnects very easily via an API with the software used by our customers, allowing the automatic sending of information entered in the eMundus platform to these tools, and also vice versa if necessary.

Does an Internet portal exist so that candidates can submit their application file(s)? With an alert system once a file has been submitted?

The eMundus solution is made up of online spaces reserved for our customers, which are dedicated to processing files submitted by candidates, and public online spaces/accessible to all.

These make it possible to present the training programs offered, in which a candidate will be able to engage and submit an application. For each program, an “Apply” button will be inserted. Here is the journey of a candidate wishing to submit an application file:

  • he will go to the page detailing the training
  • he will click on the “Apply” button and will be directed to a login/account creation page
  • once connected, they will access the application form consisting of fields to fill in and fields to attach the mandatory documents

A candidate has the option of starting to fill out the form and saving the information entered to finish completing their file at another time, another day. In this case, he will just have to log in again to access the form he had already started to fill out. To be able to send their request, they must have completed all the mandatory fields and attached the mandatory documents (it is also possible to authorize a single file format, such as PDF for example). Once they have completed their form and sent their request, they will receive an email at the email address provided in their account confirming the successful sending and receipt of their file.

Is it possible to create different user profiles depending on the areas of intervention?

The different user profiles (candidate, administrator, manager, coordinator, evaluator, external partner) make it possible to restrict access to spaces, functionalities, folders and limit rights, according to the user roles defined in our clients' management process. .

Is it possible to create user domains and define different permissions by department or department?

It is also possible to go further in limiting access by creating groups of users with the same user profile. This so that:

  • a coordinator of service 1 cannot access application files that concern service 2
  • a coordinator of service 2 cannot access application files that concern service 1

This setting is simple to modify and adjust over time for a user with an "administrator" profile or a "manager" profile (only two profiles accessing this part).

Is it possible to have “super administrator” rights for certain users?

In this case, this is the "Administrator" profile, which allows access to all rights and manages the allocation of rights.

Does the solution include a document sharing space?

The eMundus solution includes a component allowing you to easily create a document sharing space in the platform. One of its interests is that it allows communication with external spaces such as Dropbox and/or Google Drive, if the client wishes. Thus, a document placed in Dropbox or Google Drive will be automatically transferred to the document sharing space of the eMundus platform. The opposite is also true since a document posted on the platform can be automatically sent to Dropbox and/or Google Drive.

Is it possible to generate graphs?

The eMundus solution also integrates statistical and graphical functionalities in a “Dashboard” space , so that the customer can have a summary view of their activities. The graphs can take different forms, depending on the need: bar chart, circular chart, Kiviat chart (radar/star), curve, etc. Filters allow you to act on the charts, for example by changing criteria or a period. The graphics that the user will see on the screen can be exported or printed in "two clicks".

Is it “full web” software?

The eMundus solution is accessible in its entirety via the web. Furthermore, because we believe that nothing should remain the property of just one person, we make the source code of our solution public free of charge (Open source). The reversibility of the source code is complete, giving the possibility to a third party to maintain and evolve the platform.

Is it possible to integrate budget monitoring by setting up a gateway with dedicated software used by the client?

The eMundus platform is able to communicate with other software to send them data present in its different spaces. It is possible to have the two software communicate in one direction (the eMundus solution sends information), as well as in another (eMundus receives information).

What is your IT solution for managing applications?

eMundus offers a white-label online platform bringing together spaces and extensive functionalities for automating repetitive tasks, collaboration and interconnection that an organization needs to accelerate and make its end-to-end application management process more reliable. She understands :

  • a public portal to present open programs to candidates
  • a submission space specific to each program offered, associated with a tailor-made form to collect the desired information, sometimes specific to a program
  • a space accessible to a generally limited number of users to manage the campaign , create user accounts, define user profiles, create email templates, manage the rules for automatic email sending by the platform, etc.
  • an evaluation space , also accessible to a certain type of user (with an evaluator profile), to comment and evaluate the complete application files received alone or with others
  • a decision space to enter the final decision of the jury in each evaluated file
  • a dashboard to quickly access and consult key statistics and analyzes in the form of graphs, printable in the form of charted reports and exportable in different formats (Excel/CSV, PDF, ZIP)
  • a file archiving space

The eMundus platform allows a client to:

  • give visibility to programs 
  • improve its image and the candidate experience
  • processing and decision-making times
  • maintain contact with depositors at each stage of the process thanks to the alert and automatic email sending system included in the solution, which will make it possible to automatically follow up or inform one or more people of a change, regardless of their user profile

Depending on needs and to go further, it is possible to activate additional functionalities : generation of trombinoscopes, online payment, electronic signature, automatic generation and personalization of a standard document, setting up a connection LDAP, maintenance booking, automatic transfer and storage of processed files to an archiving space located outside the platform...

Can we establish standard documents for deliberations with the mandatory legal data? With a free editorial part?

This feature is available and used by some of our customers. Based on a word document provided by the client organization, we integrate the model into the platform and put it into the client's graphic charter. This model includes:

  • frozen elements
  • dynamic elements ; variables that will allow automatic customization of the document
  • an empty area to fill in : the document may also contain a part to fill in to give a user of the organization the possibility of manually filling in information.

It is possible to integrate numerous standard documents, for example to send different standard letters to an applicant, depending on the progress of processing their application.

How do you manage personal data protection regulations?

The data collected through the eMundus solution is hosted either on eMundus servers (based in France) or on those of the client.
eMundus receives the data sent by applicants and carries out, through algorithmic processing, a conformity check on certain documents (passport, identity card, visa, identity photo) to certify that they are of the requested documents and that their format is correct.

To guard against any failure, backups of our web files and also of the databases are made on our servers (rented from the service provider SoYouStart).

In terms of backup, the encryption is AES-256 (encryption algorithm recommended by ANSSI) with a data retention policy (backup over 7 days, retention of 4 backups per month, 12 backups per year for each customer). All our machines are secure and do not use passwords to log in. We all use RSA encryption keys ranging from 2048 to 4096 bits. Some details regarding the security and confidentiality measures put in place:

  • Physical access to treatment is protected (secure building)
  • A user authentication process is implemented (password)
  • Connection logging is performed
  • A firewall filters access to the server
  • The connection to the platform is encrypted via an SSL certificate
  • Backups are encrypted
  • Backoffice access is secure at the server level
  • Risky IP addresses are blocked
  • When a hacking attempt by a user is detected, this user is automatically blocked

eMundus is not responsible for the storage and deletion of application data, which is used by our customers. Only an encrypted backup of data is carried out to guarantee recovery of lost data. This backup takes place once a day and is kept for a maximum of one year. We reliably respect our GDPR policy .

Does the platform allow you to generate payroll sheets ready to print?

Payroll sheets, including the first and last names of candidates, training and day for example (...), can be automatically generated by the platform every day in PDF format. All a training manager or another user needs to do is connect to their eMundus account and print one or more payroll sheets in just a few clicks.

How do you manage software updates? How do you manage updates resulting from current regulations?

We use a GIT repository for program files containing all updates to our platform. As part of the maintenance contract, we ensure the implementation of new versions and the management of security updates and patches. Updates related to regulations (e.g. GDPR ) are integrated into our standard version.

Is it possible to set up a questionnaire that the candidate must complete in order to send their application file?

This functionality is frequently requested by our clients, who wish in particular to assess a candidate on specific knowledge (general culture, knowledge specific to the specialty of the training for which they are applying, mastery of a language, etc.). The candidate must answer this questionnaire to be able to send their application file. Once the questionnaire is completed and validated, the responses are automatically attached to their application file in the interface reserved for the client and are automatically analyzed by the platform to define a score. It is possible to establish a weighting by criterion.

The solution allows you to define a maximum response time either per question or per questionnaire. Our eMundus solution offers many features .

Is it possible to create new sections or delete them without going through the developer of the IT solution?

The eMundus solution was built so that user organizations benefit from maximum autonomy in the management of their activities on the platform. It is therefore possible for a client to administer their spaces, launch new campaigns and create new forms. Each service includes the facilitation by the eMundus team of an training session for users involved in the campaign management process (administrator, manager, evaluator, partner, etc.), with no limit on participants. This training is provided at the time of handing over the deliverable so that the change and use of the tool can take place with complete peace of mind.

How do you plan to manage updates from other applications (which will be integrated into your solution: common base recovery)?

The third-party applications (library, framework, etc.) that we integrate into our application are regularly updated and we guarantee the proper functioning of our platform. As part of an integration with an application from the client's information system, if this impacts the proper functioning of our platform or the proper functioning of data exchange, we bill for time spent.

Can we determine the mandatory fields to be completed on the evaluation sheet of an application file?

For each field, it is possible to define specific validation constraints/rules, such as a limit on the number of characters, a combination of letters and numbers, mandatory entry, etc.

Does the solution have an online payment functionality?

The eMundus platform includes a rich range of functionalities , each of which can be activated according to needs, including online payment. It is possible to propose a different amount to pay depending on certain information provided by a candidate (e.g.: the amount to pay will be different if the candidate is a scholarship holder or if he is a non-scholarship holder), to pay the application fees . The functionality can also be used for a candidate to pay registration or re-registration fees.

Is it possible to generate an annual summary list by training or by division?

The generation of a summary list by "sectorization" is possible by period of your choice, therefore both by year and by quarter for example. Three types of segments exist by default; by program, by year (or time period) and by campaign. The filters then adapt according to the information requested in the application file.

Do you provide a free demonstration of your IT solution? If so, how do you do it?

Typically, we demonstrate our solution remotely with screen sharing. Do not hesitate to book this demo .

Does the solution allow a candidate to sign their application electronically?

This is one of the features present in the eMundus platform. It allows a candidate to live an entirely digital experience (from filling out the file to sending it, including paying fees and signing the file). For a candidate, it becomes relatively simple to manage the design and sending of an application file from start to finish given the entire process is dematerialized. The use of this functionality helps to improve the satisfaction of a depositor and the image of the organization.

Is it possible to add comments about a candidate?

It is possible to open a comment area associated with a file, which can be active during all processes (before, during and after evaluation) with all user profiles (excluding candidate profile of course) but which will not be all allowed to add comments (if it's the client's request). It is also possible to make it active and/or visible only during specific stages (e.g. only during the evaluation).

Is it possible to generate scorecards from the solution and share them?

The eMundus platform includes an evaluation space . Any complete application will enter the evaluation stage. According to the rules decided, it is possible to automatically assign files to be evaluated to a specific evaluator, as soon as the status of the file has changed to "To be evaluated" (change for example initiated by the manager who verified the information and documents, and deemed the file complete and compliant).

In a dedicated space, one or more evaluators can assess and evaluate an application based on criteria chosen by the client. In the case where several actors look at the evaluation of the same application file, it is possible to assign or not a score per criterion, with different weighting. The overall score will be calculated automatically by the platform by adding the sum of the scores assigned to the criteria.

Ratings are shareable or can be hidden if it is necessary to make each completed rating invisible to another reviewer. The final decision can be informed in a dedicated space afterwards, for example when a committee is held.

Is it possible to make Excel extractions?

The eMundus solution allows extractions to be carried out in different formats (excel/CSV, PDF, ZIP), both individually (on a file) and in bulk, thus giving our customers the possibility of extracting thousands of files in seconds.

How long does it take for the “ready-to-use” platform to be delivered?

Everything obviously depends on the complexity of the project. For a basic need, we are able to deploy a platform within 2 weeks. Since putting the application submission space online is generally the priority, we are focusing on this part to deliver this space within 1 week. So, while the first files are collected by our client, we work on the other spaces that they will use subsequently (evaluation, decision, reporting, dashboard).

Does the solution include an alert system for necessary actions regarding a candidate?

The eMundus solution includes an alert and automatic email sending system. There are several types of alert:

  • automatic on event : as soon as the status of the file changes, an email is automatically sent to the candidate. A standard and personalized document can be automatically attached to this email
  • automatic reminder : an automatic email will be sent to a candidate who has, for example, only started to complete their file to apply for a program. The email will inform them that they only have 1/2/5/10/15/... days left, depending on the closing date of the call for applications, to finish entering their information and send his file
  • manual : the platform manager, who may be required to carry out an initial verification of the information entered and documents sent, according to the process validated internally, realizes that a document is not compliant. Then, he will be able to select his file and send him an email by selecting an email template saved in the platform, to notify him of this problem. In a few clicks, the manager will be able to select the dynamic email template adapted to this case, attach the document that the requester sent and attach an example of a compliant document. The manager, if he encounters this problem in several files, can also select all these files and send this same message (with the document sent and an example of a compliant document attached) at once to each of the candidates.

Possibility of creating an informative part about the candidate? With additions or deletions of fields? With an obligation to complete them?

It is possible to have an informative part on each file, to add or delete fields and to define constraints on each field if necessary.

Can we generate selection notification letters? Refusal letters? Letters requesting additional documents?

It is possible for the platform to automatically generate automatic , personalized emails with a message adapted to the event (e.g. notification of grant award). It is possible for the tool to generate and attach a signed standard document to the email, for example. An email can also be used to request the sending of additional documents and/or to complete the file retained to validate a registration. It is possible, for example, to create another space to allow all newly selected beneficiaries to provide other post-selection information. The URL of this page can then be inserted into the automatic notification email.

Is the platform easy to use?

The eMundus team offers you a training session (possible remotely) with future users of the platform. In this way, you simply learn with the aim of managing all your recruitment campaigns calmly. This training is carried out when the deliverable is submitted to quickly develop your autonomy. The platform does not require specific skills . If you encounter any problem, by contacting the eMundus team, they will be available to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Is it possible to evaluate projects and for different external people to be able to give ratings and comments?

Yes .
Basic in the platform, you have the possibility of setting up an evaluation grid for the evaluation stage and a decision/jury grid proposed to the Jury which will submit the final opinion on a file, by relying on the opinion filed by the assessor. Some of our clients only use one step, in this case generally an evaluator who informs the final decision himself. So it is possible to use only one of these 2 steps, depending on your process. A grid, whether for evaluation or decision, is customizable, meaning that, depending on your needs, it can have a drop-down list, radio buttons, free entry areas (... ), and can have fields with notes (1 to 5 for example). For example, if there are 4 evaluation criteria, each receiving a score out of 5, a total amount will be calculated automatically by the platform and will define a score out of 20 which will be visible at the end of the evaluation grid. . In the event that some criteria are more important than others, it is possible to weight the criteria, and the platform will then display at the end of the grid the weighted average which would have been calculated automatically by the platform.

An evaluator can be internal to your organization or external. You have the possibility of creating a user account for a person with the "Evaluator" profile in the platform (he will therefore have to log in each time and from the first time to be able to consult the files assigned to him). But if you need to collect from an evaluator, before he consults all the information in the file(s) assigned to him, a declaration of no conflict of interest and confidentiality (under the form of check boxes + validation button, and not with electronic signature), we have an additional module "EXPERT MODULE" and we therefore distinguish a classic Evaluator from an Expert Evaluator whom we call internally Expert. For an Expert user, it is not necessary to create an account like for an Evaluator user. To request an expert, simply select the files that must be assigned to them and send them an expert invitation by email through the platform, providing their email address. The expert will then be notified by email with the text of your choice and a link to the platform. Clicking on this link will direct him to a page accessible without connection giving him some information on the files assigned to him. In the event of a conflict of interest, he has the choice of refusing a single, several or all of the files. On this page, he must provide:

  • his choice (accept or refuse) for each of the files assigned to him
  • first name, last name and email address

Once this page has been completed, they must validate this page, an action which will trigger the creation by the platform of their Expert user account. He will then be able to consult all of the assigned files and provide his opinion. When his account is created by the platform, an email will be sent to him automatically by the platform, which will indicate the random password that the platform will have defined for his account in order to allow him to reconnect later, if he does not Didn't finish his assessments the first time.

Is it possible to access a history per candidate over several years?

It is possible for a client to access all requests sent, accepted or refused by candidate, since the implementation of their eMundus platform. All emails sent to this candidate will also be accessible. In addition, it is possible to consult the history of actions carried out on a file by users (date the file was opened and by which user, date of modifications made and by which user, nature of the modifications made, etc.).

Will candidates be able to attach documents? And can we extract the data?


The forms set up by our clients (each platform has a form builder allowing a client user with a "Platform Manager" profile to create all the forms they want themselves) in their EMUNDUS platform are classically made up of pages with fields to enter and a page which will allow candidates to upload the requested documents, each of which can be obligatory or optional, like all the fields to be entered elsewhere.

Yes . All data can be extracted. You have different possible exports, both on a single selected folder and on several:

  1. in PDF format: the entire application file: you will find in the same document and following the completed form + the attached documents
  2. in spreadsheet format: all the data provided by the candidate in their form (i.e. all data except the attached documents)
  3. in ZIP format: in this ZIP folder, you will find as many subfolders as the candidate files that you selected in the platform before carrying out the export. In each sub-file, which therefore concerns a single candidate, you will find a PDF document for the application form and a PDF document for each document attached to the file by the candidate.

How is data archiving managed?

A user client can archive:

  • each file on the platform, by selecting the appropriate file status. In this case, the archived file no longer appears in the usual view to users except for the administrator, who can consult it in a dedicated area of ​​the platform without time limit. To be in compliance with the GDPR, the customer possessing the data must still respect a reasonable data retention period.
  • and/or by exporting the data in ZIP format to archive outside the platform. It is the same rule with this principle of archiving in terms of compliance with the GDPR

Is it possible on your platform to launch several calls for projects simultaneously?

Yes it's possible !

Is it possible to design the layout (color, logos, typography, etc.)


As standard, you can place/integrate:

  • your logo in the header (top left) (the TCHOOZ logo in the footer will still be present)
  • your favicon (image present in the browser tab)
  • your banner or decide not to put one at all
  • your colors which will be present in the action buttons

If you need a tailor-made home page or even a complete communication site, we can carry out this work as part of an additional service (the cost is defined to measure after gathering your needs).

All the texts that you can consult can be modified by the customer himself. In the footer, you can enter your contact details instead of mine.

You will see in this demonstration that there is only one campaign open, but it is possible to open as many as you want simultaneously. For each campaign, by simply clicking on the campaign block, you will access a "+ information" page of the campaign, allowing you to provide details and make documents available for download (such as payment by example). You can create your account on this platform to discover the candidate area and the form in place on this platform. The form is only an illustration, you can set up the one you need.