Find all the possible actions from the view on the list of all candidate folders: filter, search, add, define (status, publication, access rights), send and export



Log in to the platform. On the menu, click on Folders.

The left part allows you to navigate easily in the folder view and the upper part allows you to act on them.

Liste des dossiers de la plateforme


Search for a folder

In the left bar, in the first field, you can perform a quick search by :

  • name ;
  • first name ;
  • login name ;
  • email ;
  • id ;
  • file number.


Use filters

Filter folders by Campaign, Year, Program, Status, Publication, Label or other elements from the form (by clicking on Add Column in Advanced Filter).

You can then, thanks to the 3 buttons at the top of the flap :

  • Validate filters and update the view with them
  • Delete pre-existing filters to find a view without folder filters
  • Save the filters to find them in Custom Filter.


List of actions on one or more folders

Above the list of folders, there is an "ACTIONS" menu. This is only activated when one or more folders are selected.

> Add

After selecting a folder, you can decide to add it to the list :

  • a document ;
  • a comment ;
  • an evaluation ;
  • a label ;
  • or to link it to another program.

When you want to add a label to multiple folders, you can make a multiple selection and then add the label.

> Define

After selecting one or more folders, you can set :

  • its status ;
  • access rights to access the file ;
  • its publication.

> Send

You can send an email to one or more candidates. It can be an email already configured or an email you are writing, with or without attachments.

> Export

Export data from one or more folders to a PDF, Excel or zip file.

Click here to learn more about the different types of exports.