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Is it possible to access a history per candidate over several years?

It is possible for a client to access all requests sent, accepted or refused by candidate, since the implementation of their eMundus platform. All emails sent to this candidate will also be accessible. In addition, it is possible to consult the history of actions carried out on a file by users (date the file was opened and by which user, date of modifications made and by which user, nature of the modifications made, etc.).

Does the solution include an alert system for necessary actions regarding a candidate?

The eMundus solution includes an alert and automatic email sending system. There are several types of alert:

  • automatic on event : as soon as the status of the file changes, an email is automatically sent to the candidate. A standard and personalized document can be automatically attached to this email
  • automatic reminder : an automatic email will be sent to a candidate who has, for example, only started to complete their file to apply for a program. The email will inform them that they only have 1/2/5/10/15/... days left, depending on the closing date of the call for applications, to finish entering their information and send his file
  • manual : the platform manager, who may be required to carry out an initial verification of the information entered and documents sent, according to the process validated internally, realizes that a document is not compliant. Then, he will be able to select his file and send him an email by selecting an email template saved in the platform, to notify him of this problem. In a few clicks, the manager will be able to select the dynamic email template adapted to this case, attach the document that the requester sent and attach an example of a compliant document. The manager, if he encounters this problem in several files, can also select all these files and send this same message (with the document sent and an example of a compliant document attached) at once to each of the candidates.

Is it possible to add comments about a candidate?

It is possible to open a comment area associated with a file, which can be active during all processes (before, during and after evaluation) with all user profiles (excluding candidate profile of course) but which will not be all allowed to add comments (if it's the client's request). It is also possible to make it active and/or visible only during specific stages (e.g. only during the evaluation).

Is it possible to generate an annual summary list by training or by division?

The generation of a summary list by "sectorization" is possible by period of your choice, therefore both by year and by quarter for example. Three types of segments exist by default; by program, by year (or time period) and by campaign. The filters then adapt according to the information requested in the application file.