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January 7, 2024

Recruiting internationally - the complete guide

International recruitment is a crucial task that requires a thoughtful and well-planned approach.

In this article, we will explore in detail the best practices for successful international recruitment , with a focus on recruiting international students.


International students


1. Optimize your website for recruiting international profiles 

An essential element in recruiting international students is having a website that is as intuitive as it is informative and meets the needs of multiple markets and languages.

Your institution's website serves as the first point of contact, so it's crucial to leave a positive impression.

Tips for adapting your website to international candidates:


Make sure your site is optimized for mobile

Opt for a design that adapts to different screen sizes, loads quickly and has easily accessible menus.


Prioritize intuitive navigation

Create clear, concise menus, use headings and subheadings to break up text, and include a search function to help users quickly find the information they're looking for.

You can design the international sections of your website in different ways, such as using a subdomain for specific languages, or developing a site dedicated to particular countries or regions.


Provide all essential information in detail

Provide detailed information about your institution's admissions process , educational pathways, and student life, including registration requirements, program overviews, and faculty profiles.

Also highlight support resources available to international students, such as language programs, cultural orientation and academic assistance.


Adapt the structure of your pages to each language 

For example, right-to-left languages ​​like Arabic require the appropriate fonts and additional "rtl" tags.

Content using Chinese characters and other logographic languages ​​presents the added challenge of changing the layout.

Make sure users can easily navigate between available translations – the most accurate way is to prominently display the language name written in that language at the top of the web page.

*Even if you have multiple international websites, avoid automatic redirection based on the user's IP address, as this will irritate prospects and prevent Google's web crawlers from discovering your sites.


2. Test Markets with PPC Advertising for International Recruitment

“Pay Per Click” PPC marketing can be a great way to discover which search terms are popular and which ads convert best, allowing you to see which combinations of keywords and messages are most effective in a particular market .

Google AdWords offers a free Keyword Planner tool to research keyword and ad ideas, but keep in mind that Google is not the most popular search engine in several major source countries .

For example, any school wishing to use PPC for international student recruitment in China must run campaigns on Baidu, the country's dominant search engine.

Before launching a PPC campaign, the ad must match the requirements of the applicable platform, landing pages must be created on your website, and analytics tracking must be established.


3. Take advantage of social media 

A well-developed social media strategy is crucial to increasing awareness of your establishment on a global scale. 

Create content on platforms that match the preferences and reach of your target audience, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn.

When publishing content, it is essential to understand your target market as much as possible, including local language, cultural norms and expectations, and priorities in educational research .

It's also important to remember that international countries have very different social media landscapes. For example, schools recruiting international students in China must establish a presence on the country's popular domestic social networks, such as WeChat and Sina Weibo.

Develop a range of engaging content that resonates with potential international students while considering the following content ideas:


Student testimonials

Feature testimonials from current international students sharing their academic experiences and successes.


Program highlights

Showcase specific programs like “Business International” through videos, images and infographics. 


Virtual tours

Offer an immersive experience that allows future students to see themselves as part of your community.


Events and webinars

Promote live webinars and Q&A sessions where prospective students can interact with faculty and staff. These events allow you to answer their questions, showcase your institution's expertise, and create a personal connection.


4. Develop partnerships with recruitment agencies 

Collaborating with recruitment agencies allows you to leverage their expertise to find, screen and connect with qualified candidates, and can help ease the recruitment burden , saving your institution valuable time and resources.


5. Collaborate with other institutions that share the same values

Collaborating with other institutions in your area is a valuable strategy for recruiting international students.

By pooling your resources and expertise, you can create joint marketing initiatives or programs that appeal to a broader audience and highlight the collective strengths of your region.

Start by identifying institutions in your area with similar goals and values. Reach out and propose collaborative marketing efforts, such as using student ambassadors, holding regional information sessions, or jointly producing promotional materials .


6. Offer comprehensive pre-departure support

By easing the transition to a new country and academic environment, you can make your institution more attractive and help students feel more confident with your organization. 

Crucial areas where international applicants expect support:

  • Visa applications
  • Financial Assistance Opportunities
  • Housing Opportunities
  • Social activities
  • Academic Expectations


7. Centralize campaign management with a CRM

End-to-end recruitment campaigns can be incredibly complex, especially when spanning multiple channels, countries and contexts.

A CRM can centralize these campaigns, providing better visibility and measurement of recruiting activities while allowing you to bring together the entire student lifecycle , from enrollment to graduation and beyond.

It also allows international student recruitment strategies to be considered as part of a broader institutional strategy.


International recruitment management


8. Simplify the application process as much as possible

In order to offer a smooth call for applications process for your international candidates while facilitating the work of your teams responsible for processing their files , it may be useful to set up an all-inclusive call for applications system. one which includes:

Such a platform makes it possible to centralize all the data and steps associated with the application process as part of your international recruitment.


eMundus | Online call for applications platform

eMundus is a French start-up based in La Rochelle which offers a white-label online call for projects and applications platform for more efficient management of your application campaigns.

Thanks to great flexibility, this platform adapts to all needs!

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