Calls for projects

Are you in charge of managing calls for projects ? The eMundus solution makes it much easier for you.

Main benefits of the solution : Calls for projects

The eMundus solution brings you many advantages in order to manage your calls for projects simply.

Enjoy better visibility with an application form
Become more visible

Promote the call for projects

Thanks to the application form personalized to your convenience and perfectly integrated into your website, it becomes easy to promote your call for projects in communication.

Recruit as a team

The eMundus platform guarantees you the ability to work as a team, whether as an internal team or with members external to your mission.

Work in a team
Teamwork for greater productivity
Evaluate your performance with eMundus
Evaluate your performance

Measure your success

Thanks to statistics, you can evaluate your success with regard to your calls for projects. Improve your application campaigns over the years.

Useful features : Calls for projects

These features have been developed to facilitate the management of calls for projects.

Candidate portal

Make your call accessible via a candidate portal

Candidate Form

Decide what information you want to collect when you apply


Invite experts and complete your database with letters of recommendation

Program Management

Manage your calls for projects via programs

User management

Set up each user profile

Interview planning

Meet your candidates

Emails and letters

Automate emails


Review each complete candidate file


Make the decision on the platform


Guide admitted persons to registration

Exporting files

Export files as you wish


Evaluate using indicators



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