How does it work?

Our call for projects and applications platform provides your organization with an advantage at all the essential phases of your call campaign and with all the actors involved in your mission.

A solution as a platform

Here are the main objectives of our platform :

Simply collect application files
Collect applications easily

Collect easily

A greater number of applications in the collaborative space.

Select the best candidates
Make a decision about all your candidates

Select quickly

The best files among the many received by evaluating and exchanging with several people.

Automate repetitive tasks
Enjoy automatic tasks


Administrative tasks, repetitive and time-consuming thanks to our tool.

Our platform meets many needs :

Student Admission Programs


Professional and continuing training

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ATER Recruitment

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Student jobs

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Student internships

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Internal mobility

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Allocation of bonuses

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Grants / Scholarships / Awards

Our services

Save time with the eMundus platform
A significant time saving

A time saving

The eMundus solution allows you to quickly and easily manage a large number of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, giving your teams time for other projects with higher added value.

Customize the platform
A customization to your image

A personalization

The flexibility of our platform offers the possibility to create a totally customized offer so that it can be adapted to each of your needs but also to your organization for a perfect integration.

Achieve better recruitment with eMundus
much more effective recruitment

A better recruitment

You'll be more efficient ! The platform brings a more human approach by keeping your candidates informed of the progression. Positive user experiences that will result in more admissions.

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