Our eMundus team

Composed of a team on a human scale, eMundus meets all the needs related to the management of calls for projects and applications.

A dynamic team

With the motivation to continuously innovate !

As he began his duties as a lecturer at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in March 2015, Benjamin Rivalland noted that the tools used and the methods put in place to collect and process student applications were not very efficient. In February 2017, eMundus was created and equipped its first customers.
Two years later, the solution was enhanced with many other business features that enable us to effectively support each of our 60 customers every day.


Benjamin Rivalland


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Benjamin coordinates all the activity of the eMundus start up. Thanks to its network, it has developed the eMundus platform and given you the opportunity to benefit from optimal management of your application files. Today, he manages the team to guarantee you a better service and participates in the various developments of your platforms. 
Visionary and passionate about development, he will always find a solution in terms of features for your platform in order to best meet your needs. 

Directeur Commercial et Marketing

Nicolas Thomas

Sales and Marketing Director

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Nicolas determines and launches actions so that more and more of you will find us, know us, visit our website and read our individual presentations :) Because it is often difficult to simply explain the power of a complete technical solution, it sometimes fights with words from your perspective. If this work is well done, he should have the opportunity to discuss with you about your needs, explain how we can support you and present our solution via screen sharing.


Hugo Moracchini

Full stack developer

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Hugo, fully bilingual (English or computer language), improves your platform as soon as you have a request. It develops features adapted to your desires. In short, he manages the project from the beginning until your satisfaction.


James Dean

Full stack developer

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James, armed with a cup of coffee, develops new features to meet your needs. It takes care of the deployment of your platform until your training. Attentive, he quickly solves your problems.

Matteo Lo Potro

Matteo Lo Potro

DevSecOps Engineer

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Matteo ensures the proper functioning of the current machine park. Its main mission is to upgrade the infrastructure in order to automate the Emundus development and production implementation chain. He is also in charge of the safety aspects. Fast and efficient if you have a large amount of caffeine every day.


Antoine Durozoi

Project Manager

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Antoine leads the team of developers who are agitated by too much energy and creativity. In order to help them in their work, he is in charge of optimizing the "time to market" thanks to agile methods. Thanks to him, you will get a platform in time and in hours !


Benjamin Retord

Back-end developer

Benjamin, with his invisibility cap, is in charge of adding useful features for your platform thanks to his technical skills. What is his objective ? Make your work tool even more efficient !

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