What does a user's profile on the eMundus platform correspond to? Find all the profiles and configure them if necessary. The creation of a profile is necessary for a new campaign....


What are profiles ?

The profiles determine the different types of users of the platform by assigning them accesses and spaces dedicated to them. For each campaign, a candidate profile must be created.

For an candidate in a program, the profile will determine which form to access. When a candidate submits files for several campaigns, several profiles are linked to his account (without this being visible so as not to disrupt navigation).

For a user of the coordination team, the user profile will determine which menus he has access to (Folders, Activity Report...).


Profiles for candidates (requires administrator access)

The creation of profiles is done jointly in the application's back office and in Joomla.

  • When creating a new menu (Menu > Manage > Add a menu), enter the name of the menu ( Candidate form NAME_CAMPAGNE), then in the menu type, enter "profile-menu".

Créer un nouveau menu utilisateur


  • Record the menu without closing it.
  • In the application, go to Administration > User Profiles.
  • Click on Add.
  • Fill in the fields :
    • Profile name : choose the name you want for the profile.
    • Description : if you have already filled in the description field in Joomla, it is automatically filled in.
    • Displayed menu : choose the menu you just created from the list.
    • Joomla Group (Role) : choose "Registered".
    • For candidates : tick "yes".
  • Click on Save.
  • In the list of Profiles in the application, find the new profile created. Then locate the id.

Trouver l'id d'un profil dans la liste


  • Return to Joomla, Menu > All Menus. Check the menu you have created and click on Edit.


Modifier un menu


  • In the menu type add a dash followed by the id. You should get a field equal to "menu-profile-1006" (if we consider that the id is 1006).