See how to create your own mail template. A useful tool to send similar mail in a mass mailing, but adapted to each candidate thanks to meta-tags.


Create a new document template

  • Go to Settings > Mail
  • Click on Add

Static documents

You have the possibility to add static documents that you can then attach to your emails.

Documents built in Word

Build your document in Word. To customize it, insert meta-tags from the form attached to the program, the meta-tags built in ${...}.

The file sent will be in.docx format

Documents built in the platform

Create a document yourself in the platform using the different text editors (message body, header, footer). To customize it, use the general meta-tags and form meta-tags.

The file is sent in PDF format.

How to use meta-tags ?

General meta-tags

Here is a list of general meta-tags you can use :

  • [FNUM] for the applicant's file number ;
  • [USER_NAME] for the candidate's username ;
  • [COURSE_LABEL] for the name of the program ;
  • [CAMPAIGN_LABEL] for the name of the campaign ;
  • [SITE_URL] for the address of the application platform ;
  • [USER_EMAIL] for the user's email.

Form-specific meta-tags

To create templates with program/form specific information, you must use form element IDs. You can retrieve them in Administration > Programs, then by clicking on the icon next to the targeted program.

For these tags, keep the format ${...}, do not add brackets [].

Meta Tags Id