What is a program? Find all the necessary elements to create and modify a program or access the list of all your programs for easy management.


What is a programme ?

On eMundus, candidates submit applications for programmes. These are defined by a year, a period specified by start and end dates of application submission, a profile for candidates and a name.


Create a program

The manager can administer the programs or calls for projects presented on the platform. Each program has a unique, short code without special characters to identify programs at the system level. They should not be modified, as this could destabilize the application.

To create a program, go to Administration > Programs > Declare a new program

Création d'un nouveau programme

You then fill in a series of fields that will characterize your program:

  • Program category : choose one of the following categories, Training, Research, Student Life, International.
  • Program title : the name of the program, example : Master Scholarships.
  • Code : program acronym, without spaces and special characters.
  • Description : a short description of the program.
  • Evaluation criteria groups : represent the IDs of the element groups in the Fabrik module in the eMundus back office. 
  • Decision criteria groups : represent the IDs of the element groups in the Fabrik module in the eMundus back office. 
  • Display order : represents the display order in the program list.
  • Published : status of the published or unpublished program.


Modify a program

  • To modify a program, go to the list of Administration > Programs.
  • Find the program you want to modify in the list, then click on the icon  
  • Modify the fields, then validate.


See the list of programs

Go to Administration > Programs.

You will find all the programs of the platform, classified by default by categories.


Liste des programmes de la plateforme


  • The Add button allows you to add a new program.
  • The Group by button allows you to sort the list of programs differently (id, program category, program name, code, description, online filing, published).
  • The Clear Filter button allows you to return to the default display of the program list.
  • The CSV button allows you to export the list of programs and all their attributes in a .csv file