Discover what multi-campaign is and how to easily manage it for your programs by following simple steps: add a year, modify a year or see the list of years.


What are the years ?

Years are used to create multiple filing sessions for a program in the same year. They are mandatory when creating a campaign and allow candidates' files to be classified according to the years attached to the program.

Here is a small diagram explaining how it works :


Annee Shema


  • For an annual programme such as Training 1, it is planned to launch several application sessions each year.
  • A first year 2018-2019 is created for the admission of students wishing to follow the course in 2018-2019.
  • Two campaign sessions are then created. One for fellowship candidates, the other for non-grant candidates, with application periods (which could overlap).
  • For the following year, 2019-2020, this process was repeated.


Add a year

To create a new year, go to Administration > List of programs by years > Add a year for a program.

Ajouter une nouvelle année

You then fill in a series of fields that will characterize your program :

  • Year : for the label of the year you want to create.
  • Program Category and Program : to link the year to the desired program.
  • Candidate profile : to associate a candidate profile with a year.
  • Code : which will be automatically filled with the program information.
  • Published : state of the year that is published or not.

Candidate profile

The notion of candidate profile is essential when creating a new campaign. In this case, you must create this candidate profile.


Modify a year

  • To change a year, go to Administration > List of programs by years.
  • In the list of years, find the one you want to modify and click on the icon  


See the list of years

Go to Administration > List of years by program.

You will find all the years by programs of the platform, classified by default by program categories.


Liste des années par programmes


You can navigate more easily thanks to the filters at the top of the page, allowing you to :

  • search a year directly ;
  • classify years by program category, program code and/or publication status of the year.