If you wish to have an external person evaluate an application, then follow these steps. This person is then referred to as the "expert" you invite.


Go to Files, then Select the candidate file you want the expert to evaluate. Choose the Send section. Finally select Invitation Email from an expert.

A standard e-mail will then appear in a new window.

You can modify the e-mail or use a template. The candidate's file will be attached. Enter the e-mail address of the expert you want.

In this email, the expert will have the choice between 2 links (acceptance or refusal). If he agrees to evaluate the file, by clicking on the acceptance link, he must provide the following information :

  • first name;
  • name;
  • a checkbox "I accept the expertise proposed by [Client's name]".

He will thus be under his evaluator profile and will be able to evaluate the file of the selected candidate.