Find out how to manage the statuses of candidate folders easily: change a status, add a status, set a status (color, value, display order...) as you wish.


The processing of files is carried out thanks to file statuses that organize a workflow.

Default folder status

By default, 2 statuses are on the platform and organize the workflow database : Draft et Sent.
Draft is assigned to all created application files.
Sent is assigned to all applications finalized and sent by the candidate.

If it is possible to change their name and color, do not change their value or delete them, as this will cause problems with the application.

Add new statuses

It is possible to add new status (eligible, admitted, not admitted, failed, failed...) in the platform and to order them.

  • Go to Administration > File Status
  • Click on Add
  • Fill in the fields :
    • Value : order in the workflow.
    • Label : name of the status.
    • Color : the color of the status.
    • Display order : order in which the statuses are to be displayed.