Learn how to access a candidate file easily. Find all the elements you want: information about the candidate, attached documents... Perform actions on this folder....



  • Go to the folder view.
  • Use the filters to find the file you are interested in.
  • Click on the folder.

To leave the folder, click on the small cross at the top right.


The candidate file

Dossier candidat


Navigating in the folder

In the left flap at the top, the "Folder data" box allows you to display :

  • Form displays the application form completed by the candidate (corresponding to the campaign associated with this file).
  • Documents displays all the documents sent by the candidate.
  • Evaluation shows the evaluations already performed on the file and adds one.
  • Comments shows the comments associated with the folder and allows you to add one.
  • Labels shows the labels associated with the folder and allows you to add one.
  • Rights management allows you to define access rights to this folder.


Information about the candidate

The boxes on the left side allow you to obtain more information about the candidate :

  • Synthesis gives the first name, last name and email of the candidate.
  • The candidate's associated files shows all the files submitted by the candidate, with the possibility of navigating to these files.
  • Last viewed displays the last folders you viewed.


List of actions on one or more folders

The possible actions are the same as those available in the folder list.

> Add

You can choose to add to the folder :

  • a document ;
  • a comment ;
  • an evaluation ;
  • a label ;
  • or to link it to another program.

> Define

You can define :

  • the status of the file ;
  • access rights to access the file ;
  • its publication.

> Send

You can send an email to the candidate from a template (email template) or by entering your message directly.

> Export

Export the data from a folder to a PDF, Excel or zip file.

Click here to learn more about the different types of exports.