eMundus has just launched its new website at, which naturally adapts to all screen resolutions.


New website eMundus


Why this change ?

After exchanging with several organizations interested in our application management platform, we found that the information on our previous site was not clear enough to allow a visitor who discovers us to fully understand the solution. On the user side, the need for online help to recall some of the solution's features and how they can be used was clearly expressed. It was therefore time for us to take our best pen to remedy these problems.


  • Provide clear and complete information

Although our online platform for calls for projects and applications was initially developed to enable schools and universities to manage their application campaigns more effectively, it is now open to any type of organisation, whether in the public or private sector, that has the challenge of collecting a large volume of application data and processing it. Unfortunately, many contacts until recently thought that the platform was not intended for them, or that the expected key functionality was not offered in our solution.

For example, we have built one page per eMundus solution and one page per type of customer with a demonstrated need for collecting and processing application data. This is to explain to our visitors in which situation we can help them and how we achieve this in practice. A visitor wonders if there is a particular feature in our platform ? All he has to do is consult the page dedicated to eMundus features to get an answer.


  • Help our customers to use the platform

The application management platform has a large number of features that it is important to know how to use to get the best out of the solution. With this in mind, we have built a Help Center, gathering all the useful information to easily use our tool and be as autonomous as possible. This Help Center will obviously be regularly updated as applications evolve.

If you would like more information about our solution, do not hesitate to contact us !

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