Summer courses

This solution allows you to manage your student applications for your Summer courses programs.

Main benefits of the solution : Summer courses

The eMundus platform will offer you many advantages for the collection and processing of student files.

Be faster thanks to the eMundus platform
Saving time

Become more efficient with the solution

By working on the platform with many people, by bringing all the files at one place, with the automation of repetitive tasks and other features will help you save time in your missions.

Adapt the platform to your needs

The flexibility of the platform makes it possible to adapt it to different elements such as your graphic design, the features you want and other desired adaptations.

The platform is a customized offer and can therefore be customized
Customize the platform according to what you want
The eMundus platform is easy to access
An easy-to-access form for candidates

A visible application form

Once you have defined your form, it will be easily accessible to your online candidates. Highlight its link in your communication strategy.

Useful features : Summer courses

These features have been developed with a view to the efficient and rapid management of student applications.

Candidate portal

Have a portal dedicated to your candidates

Application form

Implement your application form as you wish


Enjoy an online contact book


Test your student candidates' knowledge

Program management

Manage your Summer courses programs

User management

Work with many people on the platform without worries

Interview planning

Schedule interviews according to your availability

Emails and letters

Use templates for your emails and letters

Payment management

Give your candidates the possibility to pay online


Carry out your evaluations for each application file


Decide which candidates will be able to follow your Summer courses


Simply register your selected candidates

Exporting files

Export files with the data you want


Analyze your indicators and export to excel to measure your performance





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