Student internships

The eMundus solution allows you to manage internship offers for students.

Main benefits of the solution : Student internships

The eMundus solution will make your job easier.

Be more efficient and fast
Saving time with the eMundus platform

Save time with this solution

Be faster in processing applications thanks to the eMundus platform, which automates many tasks and promotes greater productivity.

Automation on the platform

The eMundus solution allows you to automate time-consuming tasks easily. This will allow you to devote time to missions with higher added value.

Automation of repetitive functions
Automate repetitive and time-consuming actions
The eMundus platform is easy to use
Platform is easy to learn after training

The platform is easy to use

We offer you training sessions for a first introduction. The Help Center is also there to help you on a daily basis.

Useful features : Student internships

These features are developed for this solution specifically.

Candidate portal

Dedicate a portal to candidates

Application form

Define your application form (fields, documents...)

Program management

Manage one or more programs each year

User management

Work in groups on the platform without any problems

Emails and letters

Share with your colleagues and candidates


The evaluation can be performed by the users you designate


Making the decision with others is possible

Exporting files

Export excel, zip and/or pdf files


Evaluate the statistics of each campaign


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