Internal mobility

Simplify internal mobility between your different institutions or departments for your organization's staff. This way, you will no longer have to worry when a position is available, for example.

Main benefits of the solution : Internal mobility

The eMundus platform promotes smooth internal mobility management.

Save time with automation
Tasks performed automatically

A strong practicality

The eMundus solution allows you to easily manage internal mobility through an application form and especially through the automation of tasks.

Very easy to use

The online management platform has been developed for you to use. Thus, a simple training course will quickly introduce you to all the possibilities offered by the solution.

The eMundus solution is easy to manage
Easy to use
Save time with eMundus
The platform saves you a lot of time

Bénéficiez de plus de temps

Etant donné sa praticité et sa simplicité d'utilisation, vous gagnerez automatiquement du temps considérable et pourrez alors en consacrer davantage sur des missions plus urgentes.

Useful features : Internal mobility


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